Pointless fixes for our non-existent retirement crisis

Pointless fixes for our non-existent retirement crisis

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

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“The weapon of choice is money, and central bankers utilize this weapon merciless to rain misery and death on the unknowing masses. Since Fiat was created, bankers have fed of the misery they have wrecked on humanity. George Washington, one of the wisest of all presidents, understood this very well, and it’s revealed clearly in this quote. Central bankers have caused more deaths and pain than the most tyrannical of rulers could ever dream of achieving. This has all been done in a cold and calculating manner. The only incentive being dollars; hence, lives are traded and sold based on the dollar amount they stand to make. If it’s profitable for them to let you live, then you live, if not they take you out. Money trumps everything; a life is just another number on a piece of paper.” Central bankers use Monetary Policy as weapons of Mass Destruction


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