Tactical Investor US stock market news: Play The Trend

Tactical Investor US stock market news: Play The Trend

Tactical Investor US stock market news

Tactical Investor US stock market news

Has Nickel bottomed?

When examining a shorter-term chart spanning 1 to 3 years, it appears that the main movement of nickel is already underway. However, taking a look at a ten-year chart reveals that nickel is currently at a crucial juncture. It must close above 1100 on a monthly basis to maintain its upward momentum. Failure to achieve this could result in a quick decline back to the 820-855 range. For a more definitive confirmation, a monthly close above 1200 would be necessary, which could potentially lead to a test of the 1500 range and possibly even trading up to 1800.0.


After analyzing the charts of various major nickel producers, it is evident that their stocks are in a consolidation phase. This indicates that nickel is likely to experience a pullback before resuming an upward trend, unless there is a divergence where the metal moves in the opposite direction.  Nickel Has Put In A Long Term Bottom; What’s Next?

US stock market news: Instrument of Mass Destruction

We are entering a new paradigm; get used to forever QE, though it will be given other names along the journey to make it appear more palatable. The US and, by default, worldwide debt is set to soar to preposterous levels; if a national debt of almost $22 trillion is shocking to some, imagine how they will feel when the debt soars to $100 trillion.  Market Update Feb 28, 2019

If you strongly disagree with the previous statement, I encourage you to print it out and keep it in a place where you can easily access it. In a few years’ time, you might be unpleasantly surprised to see how much the situation has changed. It seems that the general public is paying little attention to the national debt.

Central bankers have become skilled at devaluing a country’s currency while giving the impression that everything is fine. They achieve this by providing subsidies to key industries, utilizing a selection of goods (often those sectors receiving substantial subsidies) that paint a false picture of inflation, and, most importantly, controlling the media. Let’s briefly examine these topics today.  Fiat Currency: Instruments of Mass Destruction

The Early Retirement Lie

The doomsday predictions, the impending crash of the US dollar, the skyrocketing Gold prices, and even flying pigs – these stories often circulate, sometimes injected with humour. Aren’t you tired of hearing about how everything is bound to get worse? If we were to compile all the declarations made by these self-proclaimed experts over the past century, the world should have ended multiple times by now.

The fact that it hasn’t is a clear indication that these so-called wise pundits were only marginally wiser than a reliable donkey. Life is fleeting, and many people spend an excessive amount of time dwelling on what was, what should be, and what could be.

How about trying a different approach: embracing the present moment, for it is all we truly have? If you have a decent roof over your head, money in the bank, and food on the table, you are already far better off than over 50% of the world’s population. Take a moment to let that sink in. Anything beyond these basics only elevates your well-being even further.  Early Retirement & The Lie The Masses Have Been Conned Into Accepting

US Stock Market News: Forever QE

Quantitative easing, intended to be a long-term measure, is now a permanent fixture, implying that every significant market correction should be seen as an enticing chance for investors. The concept of “forever QE” has gained traction recently, and it is expected that the mainstream media will adopt and exploit this term soon. However, we actually discussed this phenomenon as early as 2015, and you can find further information on it through the following link. Forever QE

The outlook has only worsened since then; the new tax breaks corporations got will be used to purchase more shares, and the reason is simple, it pays more in the short term to boost profits by reducing share count than investing in the company.

Corporations will continue down this path until new laws are enacted, and they will become more emboldened with time. Gone are the days when there was a semblance of caring for the investor; insiders are only concerned with how much they can make, and they don’t care if they destroy the company in the process.  Share buybacks are rising and have continued to grow since we first posted that article.

Forever Quantitative Easing Fuelling Buyback Binge:

Stock buybacks have surged to a new peak, surpassing $1 trillion in total announcements in mid-December, as revealed by Michael Schoonover, the portfolio manager of the Catalyst Buyback Strategy fund (BUYIX). The recent weeks have witnessed a significant increase in buyback activities, even amid market downturns. The total announcements reached $1.08 trillion, with a noteworthy portion of $460 billion attributed to 19 specific companies. While buyback authorizations have reached record levels, it is worth noting that fewer companies are contributing to the overall buyback figures in 2018, according to Schoonover. Full Story

Take this as an early warning that should the media jackasses start pushing another B.S story, instead of panicking, one should break out of a bottle of champagne, and as the masses panic calmly sip on that champagne and build a list of strong stocks one always wanted to purchase. For those allergic to work, the option is simple; sit back and relax, for we always view crash type events as opportune moments when the trend is positive.  Market update Feb 28, 2019 Investing For Dummies: Forever QE & Stock Market Bull 2019

Why are Americans Scared Of Investing?

The answer to this question is straightforward: the focus should not be on irrelevant factors such as news resembling gossip, political rhetoric, advice from so-called experts, and other equally insignificant reasons. It is crucial to analyze these factors individually. We emphasize once again that the key lies in understanding the fundamental principles of Mass Psychology, particularly the importance of not allowing emotions to dictate one’s actions.

From a psychological standpoint, polarization can be seen as a positive development when the trend is upward. However, when individuals, especially those in positions of power, are driven by emotions, their ability to think clearly is compromised and their primary objective becomes the destruction of their opponents.

Losing the battle is inevitable when clear thinking is absent; it is only a matter of time. Those who can maintain their composure during such periods often reap the greatest rewards. Both sides will aggressively attack one another, and some of these assaults may momentarily shock the markets. At the Tactical Investor, we welcome such shock events (as long as the overall trend is upward), and the more significant the deviation, the better the opportunity. . Stock Market Predictions Today: Americans Fear The Market

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