U.S Blackmailed Europe into Imposing Illegal Sanctions against Russia

U.S Blackmailed Europe into Imposing Illegal Sanctions against Russia

Biden the Jackass states in this video that the US forced Europe to impose sanctions on Russia. So, in effect, the USA  blackmailed Europe into imposing these back-breaking sanctions against Russia even though the sanctions themselves are wrecking havoc on these European nations; why do it then?  The answer is obvious.  Corporations control the USA (in fact the USA is now almost run like a corporation, all that matter is profit, everything else is secondary).  If you Google the right subjects, you will be able to spot that every single war for the past 20 years was caused by the USA.

We were against the Iraq war, the afghan war, etc. Now we are against the silly attempts being made to oppress Iran and Syria.   There is a clause stating that no country in the Middle East should own nuclear weapons, so then why is Israel allowed to break the rules and own nuclear weapons but Iran is not.  The rules should be universal.  Why are they trying to throw Assad out? Is Assad a saint? Was Saddam a saint, or was Gaddafi a saint? The answer to all those questions is a big NO.  However, what the global masters of deception won’t tell you is that in each of those nations there are so many wild tribes that if left alone as this the case now, they will cause even more chaos then all those the leaders combined.   Thus, Iraq needed a tough and violent person to keep the peace, the same applied to Libya and Syria. Look what is going on in Iraq and Libya now, both places are totally destroyed.  In Syria, the U.S. is helping arm rebels that are totally insane and under the guise of freedom the USA is bombing and creating chaos in Syria. Are any of these countries better off since the USA intervened? A simple look at what is going on reveals that had the USA stayed out; these places would be more stable than they are today.   Our point here is for you to investigate everything. Trust no one especially your government. The governments of Europe and the USA are now the biggest threat the local people face. They will lie, cheat, steal and sell you any story to make your believe all is well. All the problems Europe is facing today, all the unfair situations Europeans find themselves having to deal with (the same applies to America), etc., etc. all these events were planned in advance.  In essence you biggest enemy is right in your backyard.


Mode of Attack

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