Examples of Group Think

Examples of Group Think

Examples of Group Think: The Media

Updated March 2023

It’s essential to recognize that the same individuals who control the money supply also control most of the world’s media. This has resulted in a phenomenon known as Group Think, where people uncritically conform to the prevailing views of a group without considering alternative perspectives.

To change reality, you must first change people’s perceptions, and this can be achieved by controlling the data that the masses use to form these perceptions. Examples of Group Think can be observed in the media’s coverage of various issues, where dissenting opinions are often ignored or marginalized.

If you take a step back and reason, without the influence of media propaganda, you’ll realize that the current state of the world resembles a big reality show, game or soap opera. Consider America’s recent military engagements – have they targeted nations that could fight back? The answer is no; every country they have engaged was one they could have easily defeated.

It’s time to break free from the constraints of Group Think and critically evaluate the information presented to us. By doing so, we can better understand the world around us and make more informed decisions.

 Groupthink in the Baking Industry:

Manipulative behaviour is at the heart of the banking industry. The same individuals who control the money supply also control the media and the perceptions of the masses. Examples of Group Think can be seen everywhere, and altering these perceptions is a way to change reality. The powers that be want to distract people from what really matters and waste their time worrying about things that will never happen.

They want to create chaos and are willing to sacrifice NATO members as cannon fodder to achieve their goals. Do not be fooled by false promises of aid from larger countries if smaller ones are attacked. The banksters have their interests at heart and will do whatever it takes to maintain their power.

Polarisation is taking over the world.

This is a classic example of how groupthink can shape the perception of reality for the masses. A polarised man sees or hears nothing but what he is directed to see. The media and those in power create a false narrative to agitate the populace, and as a result, people willingly give up their freedoms in the name of security. The threat is not real but rather a mythical construct to control the masses.

The West engages in conflict with Russia, hoping for an attack on a smaller NATO nation to justify further restrictions on freedom. Unfortunately, this ongoing war is not against a foreign power, but it is a war against the people of the West. The pendulum has swung, and the once-free West is becoming a Gestapo state.

Examples of Groupthink: Abundant In Politics

At first glance, politics and health might not seem connected to the stock market or financial arena. However, the truth is that everything is interconnected, and free market forces no longer exist. Manipulation runs rampant in every aspect of our lives, from the food we consume to the data we receive. By understanding this, we can plan accordingly and identify the root of the problem. This is why we cover such a diverse range of topics on our financial website, as they are all interwoven.

The power of mass psychology cannot be underestimated, and by learning to recognize it, we can spot the levels of manipulation that the masses are subjected to. We believe that over 80% of the solution lies in identifying the problem. We recommend viewing or reading Plato’s allegory of the cave.. This will help you see beyond the polarized beliefs that Group Think often creates and make more informed decisions.


 How To Break Free From The Group Think Syndrome

The masses remain inconsistent, and we know the chorus will respond by saying, “what gives”.  Take a close look at the data above; if the masses had any conviction, the number of individuals in both the neutral and bearish camps would decline significantly, and bullish readings would soar past 55 and hold at that level for weeks on end.

Bullish sentiment rose (9 points) but notice the uptick in neutral sentiment too.  If the masses were certain, neutral sentiment would dip, but that’s not true. This is a positive development, for until the masses embrace this bull market like they would a lost love, it will continue trending higher. For the record, every bull market ends with a “feeding frenzy” stage, and this bull market has yet to experience that kind of action.

Consider signing up for our free newsletter to keep abreast of the latest developments. If you cling to the mass mentality, the top players will continue to fleece you; the choice is yours; resist and break free or sit down and do nothing.


A concise overview of the article

Let us discuss the dire state of our world. The same group of individuals controlling the money supply also control most of the world’s media. They understand the power of perception and know that controlling the data that the masses consume is the key to modifying their perceptions. The result is a manipulated reality show or game, distracting us from what is truly important.

Examples of Group Think are everywhere; they want us to worry about things that will never come to pass. The top players are willing to sacrifice smaller nations, using them as cannon fodder to create more chaos. They want us to be so agitated that we beg them to take away our rights to protect us from imaginary threats. The West engages with Russia, hoping that Russia will attack smaller NATO nations to justify imposing even more restrictions on our freedoms.

We must understand that all fields are interconnected, and free market forces no longer exist. Mass psychology is a powerful tool used to subject the masses to grotesque levels of manipulation. To avoid falling prey to groupthink, we must identify the problem, which is over 80% of the solution.

We must be rational and avoid watching too much television to break free from groupthink. We must think for ourselves and question everything we are told. We must seek out alternative sources of information, broaden our knowledge, and learn from past mistakes. We must avoid blindly following the crowd, stand up for our beliefs, and not be swayed by popular opinion.

In conclusion, we must understand that we live in a manipulated reality. Examples of Group Think are all around us, and we must be vigilant in breaking free from this affliction. Doing so allows us to plan accordingly and make informed decisions to protect ourselves and our future.

Research on the dangers of groupthink

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