May One Day Be Treated With Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Depression May One Day Be Treated With Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Depression treatment via Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

A massive amount of data states that there is a link between depression and inflammation.  Usage of the anti-inflammatory drug seems to lead to a positive outcome, whether they are used in monotherapy or a dual therapy/combination. Drugs such as aspirin that are both cheap and effective could be viewed as the first line of defence.

What about Asprin, could it help?

The video below provides some information on this topic. However, lots of studies have indicated that Aspirin helps with inflammation. And inflammation has been associated with depression, so it could prove to be useful as a dual therapy agent.

Aspirin is the most effective drug that we have,” Majerus says. “If we eliminated all but three drugs, aspirin would be one” of the three drugs we should keep, he says.

Aspirin is a unique nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug; at high doses (aspirin(high), 1g), it is anti-inflammatory stemming from the inhibition of cyclooxygenase and pro-inflammatory signalling pathways including NF-kappaB but is cardioprotective at lower doses (aspirin(low), 75 mg).

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