Tactical Investor Election Polls-Updated Constantly Until Election day

Tactical Investor Election Polls-Updated Constantly Until Election day

It appears that mainstream media is on a mission to distort the truth. We have never taken a front seat when it comes to election as we have always believed the process is rigged. However, what we find interesting this time is the massive amount of collusion that is taking place in broad daylight since Trump decided to run. From a mass psychology perspective, something interesting is going on as the online and social media polls offer a completely different picture to what mainstream media is shoving down the populace’s throat.  Pollsters were completely sidetracked and stumped at how Trump won the primaries; time and time again they predicted his run would come to a screeching halt. Now they are doing the same with the election. So we decided to poll our followers who come from a very diverse background and from over 100 countries to see what is going on. We think that social media is going to prove that pollsters are out of touch with reality and completely put these dinosaurs out of business.

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The last poll of Nov 8th shows Trump thrashing Hillary and proves that we were right all along

Nov 8 Polls states Trump won the election


8th poll Nov 8, 2016

Trump is completely smashing Hillary and the voter turn out has been impressive. Hillary is losing in states she was projected to hammer Trump but that’s not the case

Trump is Smashing Hillary. Women are moving towards Trump

7th poll Nov 4, 2016

The heat is on, after all, this sewage on Hillary,  Trump is now even attracting Democrats and the Count here keeps rising.  Our latest Poll has Trump handily trashing Hillary again

Nov 4, 2016 Poll shows Trump Smashing Hillary Clinton

6th poll conducted on Oct 26, 2016

Trump continues to bury Hillary Clinton; people are also telling us that support for Trump is massive in Florida. In most neighbourhoods, there are up to 10 signs for every one Hillary sign. His rallies are packed to the hilt, while Hillary struggles to fill the smallest of venues

Trump continues to lead Hillary on online polls Oct 26, 2017

5th Poll Conducted Oct 25, 2016

Trump continues to lead online polls Oct 25, 2016

4th poll conducted Oct 23rd, 2016

Trump Continues to Lead Clinton in the Polls Oct 23, 2016


3rd poll conducted  after 9am Oct 21, 2016

Online polls continue to show that Trump has the lead

2nd Poll conducted  early Am hours of Oct 21, 2016

Social Media Online Poll Oct 21 Has trump winning election

Our 1st poll conducted on the 20th of October has Hillary at 11% and Trump at 89%. Not once did Hillary’s number trade past 13%

Hillary Vs Trump election poll Oct 20, 2016


You might also find the following video on what  a Trump win would mean for the Markets to be of interest

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