Artificial Intelligence News: AI Writers Replacing Humans

Will AI start to take over writing and how will we manage it?

Artificial Intelligence News:

As artificial intelligence (AI) spreads its wings more and more, it also threatening more and more jobs. In an economic report issued to the White House in 2016, researchers concluded that there’s an 83% chance automation will replace workers who earn 20$/hour or less. This echoes previous studies, which found that half of US jobs are threatened by robots, including up to 87% of jobs in Accommodation & Food Services. But some jobs are safer than others. Jobs which require human creativity are safe — or so we thought.

Take writing for instance. In all the Hollywood movies and in all our minds, human writing is… well, human, strictly restricted to our biological creativity. But that might not be the case. Last year, an AI was surprisingly successful in writing horror stories, featuring particularly creepy passages such as this:

#MIRROR: “‘I slowly moved my head away from the shower curtain, and saw the reflection of the face of a tall man who looked like he was looking in the mirror in my room. I still couldn’t see his face, but I could just see his reflection in the mirror. He moved toward me in the mirror, and he was taller than I had ever seen. His skin was pale, and he had a long beard. I stepped back, and he looked directly at my face, and I could tell that he was being held against my bed.” Full Story

Artificial Intelligence News: AI Will Take Over Software Testing

About a year ago at a major testing conference, five executives sat in front of about 300 testers and declared adamantly that machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, would take over software testing.

Were they right? Yes and no. Machine learning won’t necessarily eliminate testing jobs, but it will change how the work gets done.

In the nearly 60 years since machine learning was first envisioned, it has been applied to many fields. Since 1991, machine learning has been used to learn how to identify cancerous tumours in kidneys, and today it is being used to identify other types of cancer as well. Since 2010, it has been used to teach driverless cars where the edge of the road is. It has been used in finance since 1992 to trade securities. Insurance underwriters and reinsurance companies use it to project potential losses due to natural disasters. It has even been used to determine whether you should get a loan.

There’s more that we do. We have an understanding of the business domain, a set of heuristics for exposing defects and know how to think like the best and worst users of the application.  Then, we look out for our company’s best interests and those of users. We do this through an exploration of applications and thinking through eventualities. What I’ve listed above is little more than clever fuzzing of an application. That’s not testing, and it’s not very smart. Full Story

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