Anti Monsanto Protestors Throw 2,000 Dollars Onto Senate Floor

 Anti Monsanto Protestors Throw 2,000 Dollars Onto Senate FloorEditor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

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Before we get to the main article we would like to present you with a small video and a brief excerpt of  an article that we think makes for a compelling read:

”  Everything you process is based on Perception and perception is based on the data you are feed.  Alter the perception and you alter the outcome.  This is something the top players understand very well and they use this information to manipulate the masses time and time again. Instead of wisening up to this form of manipulation, the masses always react in the same way and hence history repeats itself over and over again. 

How do you even know how you even see the right picture? If all the information that you are being provided with is manipulated, that means the picture you are creating with this data is also illusory in nature.  One also needs to pay attention to the angle of observance as it affects one’s perception. Alter the angle and the perception is altered.  This is the tool that Wall Street employs with impunity; they use it all the time to create boom and bust cycles.  The masters of data manipulation, however, is our lovely Federal Reserve system and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   Perception Wars; You see what you are directed to see


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