Apple Stock Buy Or Sell: It’s Time To Load Up In 2020

Apple Stock Buy Or Sell: It's Time To Load Up In 2020

Apple Stock Buy Or Sell: Time To Buy & Here’s Why

AI is the wave of the future and AAPL is finally making some smart moves into this sector and it will be one of the top players in this sector are going to be AAPL, GOOGL, FB, AMZN, etc.

PPLE dropped $200 million this week on a company that makes lightweight artificial intelligence. It’s all about keeping an edge in AI … by adding more AI to the edge.

The acquisition of, a Seattle startup working on low-power machine learning software and hardware, points to a key AI battleground for Apple and other tech heavyweights—packing ever-more intelligence into smartphones, smartwatches, and other smart devices that do computing on the “edge” rather that in the cloud. And doing it without killing your battery.

“Machine learning is going to happen at the edge in a big way,” predicts Subhasish Mitra, a professor at Stanford who is working on low-power chips for AI. “The big question is how do you do it efficiently? That requires new hardware technology and design. And, at the same time, new algorithms as well.”

The most powerful AI algorithms tend to be large and very power-hungry when running on general-purpose chips. But a growing number of startups, among them, have begun devising ways to pare down AI models and run them on extremely energy-efficient, highly specialized hardware. Full Story

Is Apple Stock Buy Or Sell?

Apple is not killing its AV program. Two hundred engineers are let go. Some will move to other projects where the focus is machine learning and other initiatives.

In April 2018, Apple hired John Giannandrea away from Google. During his eight years with the search giant, Giannandrea pushed AI integration into every Google product. Eventually, he took over the machine intelligence, research and search teams.

In Cupertino, his star has risen dramatically. He was quickly promoted to the executive board. His portfolio now includes AI, machine learning and Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.

Siri is perfectly emblematic of AI development at Apple. Despite getting to the market first, Google and Amazon quickly leapfrogged Apple’s efforts. Building better algorithms requires lots of data, and the computers to make sense of the information. And Apple lacked the edge of its competitors.

Google Search, Maps, YouTube,, Echo, Fire TV and other properties provide a wealth of useful information. Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are among the most powerful cloud-computing networks in the world. Full Story

Price Targets for AAPL

AAPL Apple Inc. daily Stock Chart

A monthly close above 300, will send soaring to the 360-390 ranges with a possible overshoot to the 450 ranges. After that, it should pull back and test the 330 ranges, building a base for the next move to the 600 ranges. All sharp Pullback should be viewed through a bullish lens

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