United States Sanctions on Russia: Pressuring Europe to Comply

United States Sanctions on Russia: pushing Europe to the brink of collapse


United States Sanctions on Russia: Coercing Europe into Compliance

Updated June 2023

Biden the Jackass states in this video that the US forced Europe to impose sanctions on Russia. So, in effect, the USA  blackmailed Europe into imposing these back-breaking sanctions against Russia even though the sanctions themselves are wreaking havoc on these European nations; why do it then?  The answer is obvious.  Corporations control the USA (in fact, the USA is now almost run like a corporation, all that matter is profit, and everything else is secondary).  If you Google the right subjects, you can spot that the USA caused every war for the past 20 years.


We were against the Iraq war, the Afghan war, etc. Now we are against the silly attempts to oppress Iran and Syria.   There is a clause stating that no country in the Middle East should own nuclear weapons, so why is Israel allowed to break the rules and own nuclear weapons, but Iran is not?  The laws should be universal.  Why are they trying to throw Assad out? Is Assad a saint? Was Saddam a saint, or was Gaddafi a saint? The answer to all those questions is a big NO.

Double Standards and Hypocrisy in Middle East Foreign Policy

However, what the global masters of deception won’t tell you is that in each of those nations, there are so many wild tribes that if left alone, as this is the case now, they will cause even more chaos than all the leaders combined.   Thus, Iraq needed a tough and violent person to keep the peace, and the same applied to Libya and Syria. Look what is happening in Iraq and Libya now; both places are destroyed.  In Syria, the U.S. is helping arm rebels that are insane and under the guise of freedom, the USA is bombing and creating chaos in Syria.

Are any of these countries better off since the USA intervened? A simple look at what is going on reveals that had the USA stayed out, these places would be more stable than they are today.   Our point here is for you to investigate everything. Trust no one, especially your government. The governments of Europe and the USA are now the biggest threat the local people face. They will lie, cheat, steal and sell you any story to make you believe all is well. All the problems Europe faces today, all the unfair situations Europeans have to deal with (the same applies to America), etc., were planned.  In essence, your biggest enemy is right in your backyard.

Thriving in an Age of Change: Developing Resilience and Wisdom in Uncertain Times

The world is changing rapidly, driven by technological innovation and globalization. While this brings opportunities, it also creates uncertainty and instability. Many people feel left behind by these changes and are struggling to adapt. But there is hope. You can survive and thrive in this new era with the right knowledge, skills, and mindset.

Focus on developing your strengths and unique talents. Learn new skills that complement emerging technologies. Build a network of like-minded people who can support and inspire you. Stay curious and keep learning throughout your life. Develop good financial and time management habits. Take care of your mental and physical health. Build resilience through meditation, exercise and positive relationships.

Have a vision for the future you want to create and work towards it step by step. Start small businesses or side hustles that allow you flexibility. Look for opportunities to solve problems in innovative ways. Share your knowledge and skills to help uplift others. Get involved in causes you’re passionate about.

Most importantly, maintain an optimistic outlook. The future is not set in stone; we help shape it with our actions. If we come together with wisdom, compassion and a drive for progress, there are no limits to what humanity can achieve. The choice is ours. We can descend into fear and division, or we can rise up and build a better world where all people can live fulfilling lives. The future is within our grasp.

United States Sanctions on Russia: Not as Effective as Hoped

While the United States and its allies have imposed severe sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, there are indications that the economic impact has not been as devastating as hoped.

Sanctions Limit Russia’s Access to Reserves

The sanctions have limited Russia’s access to its foreign currency reserves and cut off some Russian banks from SWIFT. However, Russia had been preparing for sanctions for years, building up a large reserve fund and decreasing its dependence on foreign technology.

Ruble Rebounds, Energy Exports Surge

The Russian ruble initially plummeted after the invasion but has since rebounded near pre-invasion levels. Russia’s energy exports, notably oil and gas, have surged as Europe relies heavily on Russian supplies. Higher energy prices have offset some of the sanctions impact.

Sanctions Hurt Western Economies Too

The sanctions have contributed to spikes in energy prices and supply chain disruptions that are hurting Western economies. European countries, in particular, face a looming energy crisis as they try to reduce Russian imports.

In summary, under the title “United States Sanctions on Russia: Not as Effective as Hoped,” while the sanctions have dealt a blow to Russia, the Russian economy has proven more resilient than expected. The ruble has rebounded, energy exports are booming, and Western economies suffer collateral damage. The sanctions may need to be strengthened to have their intended effect of pressuring Russia to end the invasion.

United States Sanctions on Russia: A Severe Economic Blow

So this is the mainstream media view, which blurs the line between reality and the illusory world.

The United States has imposed severe economic sanctions on Russia in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions target Russia’s financial system, major state-owned enterprises, and many of Russia’s most powerful individuals, including President Vladimir Putin.

Crippling Russia’s Economy and the Ruble

The sanctions will cripple Russia’s economy and pressure the Kremlin to end its military aggression. They also Russia’s central bank restrict its ability to access hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign currency reserves, making it harder for Russia to support the ruble’s value. The sanctions have also removed many Russian banks from the SWIFT international banking system. These measures have dealt a heavy blow to the Russian economy and currency.

Sanctioning Key Industries and Oligarchs

The United States has sanctioned major Russian companies in the energy, financial, technology and defence sectors. This includes state-owned gas giant Gazprom, Russian banks VTB and Sberbank, and several major Russian oligarchs close to Putin. The U.S. has also banned imports of Russian oil, gas and coal.

While the sanctions have severely damaged Russia’s economy, causing high inflation and shortages, Russia has not yet shown a willingness to change course in Ukraine. The United States has warned that additional sanctions are possible if Russia does not end its invasion.


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