Trump Threatens big tariffs on US companies that export jobs

Trump Threatens big tariffs on US companies that export jobs

Trump Threatens big tariffs on US companies

“By waving a big stick of trade sanctions against China, the US has picked a wrong target.” We beg to differ this war is going to get very hot, very fast.

After looking at the data thoroughly and the psychological factors at play, it’s now a given that China has blatantly lied about the total number of deaths and the number of infected individuals. On the low end, at least 45K people died, and 1.2 million were infected. On the high-end north of 5 million individuals could be infected with the coronavirus and the death toll could be above 200K.


No matter how you dice it, there is no way, Italy, Germany, France and the U.S. have higher death and infection rates than China. This means that there is a going to be a massive push back against China.

As a result, it makes no sense to have any exposure to China as its stock market or real estate market stand to get smashed when the U.S. launches a full-scale attack. And there is an excellent chance that most of the advanced nations in the world will join the U.S. in this offensive.  The situation is going to heat up rapidly; expect the pace of the attacks to pick up once the death rate starts levelling off.

Nationalism vs Globalism is what this is all about


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