Trump Salary: Sleeping on the Job or a Sacrifice for America?

Trump Salary: Sleeping on the Job or a Sacrifice for America?

Trump Salary:  Forgoing Salary in Favor of Public Service

Trump stays true to his word and proclaims he shall not take any salary as President, a move which Bozo Obama or Crooked Hillary would never have thought to do.

On the seventeenth of September in the year of 2015, he declared the following:

“The first thing I shall do is tell you that if I am elected President, I shall accept no salary, alright? That is not a huge deal for me.”

In a Twitter question and answer session, Trump reiterated his statement: “As for the salary – I shall not take even one pound. I am completely relinquishing my salary if I were to become President.”

It is evident that Trump is striving to do something for this country; nobody has refused a salary since 1961. Only two other Presidents have taken this route; the first was Herbert Hoover, who was elected in 1929, and the second was John F. Kennedy, who became President in 1961. Both of these Presidents donated their salaries to Charity. It remains to be seen whether Trump will follow a similar path.

Crooked Hillary would never do such a thing, nor would Obama. Their goal is to take as much as possible and ruin this country. These rascals do not care because they will have earned so much money that they will not have to deal with all the criminals and violent immigrants they bring into this country. This country has fallen so low because we have bandits in the office whose agenda is to take as much as they can and as quickly as possible. Hopefully, this rampant theft will stop, and criminals such as Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, etc., will be dealt with strictly and fairly.

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sharon wright

This is what is bothering the Dems so much.They are used to gifts for votes.lobbyists are out of business, thank God.
And Hillary n Soros thought they bought the election. Now she owes a lot of favors for money paid that she can’t produce favors for,unless she goes into her own coffers.
Hope someone is watching because she will try to run, if she feels she can’t lie her way out of convictions.
She n Obama should b worried. Their time is up.