druout1944 .

What a piece of garbage person. Hope the FBI pay her a long visit.

Jaeden Genesee

“Imagine what would have happened had Trump supporters tweeted something along the same lines relating to Hillary.”

So, apparently, it’s been forgotten that Trump, himself, called for exactly that…during rallies…on live TV…TWICE. Uh huh.

stephen McCart

That’s an outright lie

Jaeden Genesee

Clearly, you are misinformed with the definition of the word “lie.”
First time:
Not only did we think it was threatening, the Secret Service did so as well:
Second time:
Both comments were made during his rallies. Both were on live TV. Two times. Twice. Don’t waste my time with “alternate” facts, I deal in reality and only reality. I am not condoning what was said about Trump’s assassination. I am merely reminding the poster of the comment that Trump himself made very explicit comments that were received by more than Clinton supporters and the media, but by proper authorities (the Secret Service to name them), as threatening and inappropriate. That is not a lie – outright or otherwise.

stephen McCart

Again I challenge that. He never said let’s take her out as in assinatation. So your assertion is BS. The simple truth is you liberals can’t accept you lost.

stephen McCart

Clearly you head would be exploding had this been comment made about President Obama.. I find it utter hypocrisy

Jaeden Genesee

First of all, Trump, himself, challenged the ruling when the popular vote was higher than the Electoral College vote in 2012. In fact, he called for a march on Washington, saying it was a sham, a travesty and our country was divided; a disaster for democracy. In 2012 the total was way less than 2.9 million that Clinton got above Trump – so while you are whining that we liberals can’t accept we lost, remember Cheetolini beat us to it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/11/15/trumps-flip-flop-on-the-electoral-college-from-disaster-to-genius/?utm_term=.d3964f9abc7b (They have his own Tweets, including those he wisely decided to delete after his blistering loss to Clinton in popular votes.) And there was absolutely no hacking of our systems by hostile foreign governments that Trump just happens to be kissing up to at the time.

Secondly, I have not, will not, nor ever have attempted to deny he did not use the exact wording “take her out” but it was more than enough that the SECRET SERVICE thought it was too much. Implied threat is still a threat. A man standing before a crowd making remarks about the Second Amendment, his opponent, and how she could be “stopped” when there is literally one and only one meaning behind that, is exactly why the Secret Service got involved. Whether he used the words verbatim do not matter as EVEN the Secret Service decided that there was no possible other meaning behind it. The threat was clear cut. Challenge all you want – I am backed by the Secret Service who decided that was what happened and dealt with him in regards to that. Period. It’s not an assertion, it’s a fact.

Thirdly, you find WHAT utter hypocrisy? That I’m not freaking out over a writer who is calling for the assassination of a man who TWICE called for the assassination of Clinton as I have – ONCE AGAIN – proved well enough for the SECRET SERVICE?! One person attempted to get into the White House to assassinate President Obama. I’ve already been down those roads, and, oddly enough, what I got from your side was what you are attacking me for right now. Only this time, your side, in the form of Trump, gives me way more ammunition, so to speak.

Again, as I stated before, I do not condone in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM a direct or indirect threat against Trump. I am merely, yet again, pointing out that there is a great deal of HYPOCRISY in screaming about Trump being threatened when TRUMP HIMSELF THREATENED THE LIFE OF CLINTON. We are not talking about a Trump supporter, we are talking about Trump, himself, making statements from the podium that were threatening enough that required the Secret Service agents to get involved. You can pretend all you want that it wasn’t threatening-it was enough for the people who defend the lives of those who are in office to say it was. So, if he’s going to run his mouth, then there are people who are going to spew it right back to him. Do I agree with it? Absolutely not, but I didn’t agree with him making those comments against Clinton either. Whether you like her, hate her, or want mushrooms to grow in her butt – threatening her life is not right. Until then, the platform is moot. If he can threaten someone else’s life-TWICE-it’s going to be difficult to find anyone who cares if his is threatened.

Lastly…it’s “assassination.” Seriously, what is it with you people?