India’s slave brides-Sold like cows and goats

India's slave brides

India’s slave brides

“I couldn’t run away or bring my life to an end. There was nobody whom I could ask for help,” stated the lady. However, she was lucky compared to many others as her husband generally treated her well.

“All people in Haryana are disrespectful towards women like us. Everybody says we have no self-respect … and that we are sold like cows and goats. We feel very bad when we hear all this because we are human beings and we belong to India, just like them,”

Nobody should have to feel like this. Modi needs to do something about this tragedy. The punishment for sexual slavery should be castration or death.

India’s slave brides Video number 2

This video will shock the living daylights out of you; It is truly inhumane what the Indian government is allowing to happen to these innocent children.

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