Mind Games; Altering The Crowds Mindset

Mind Games

Mind Games & Perceptions

We are going to address the issue of the human psyche, and how the top players utilise this data to relentless manipulate the masses. What people do not understand is that emotions and perceptions shape us in more ways than they are given credit for. The top players use this knowledge to trigger developmental traits in the masses at a young age. Science (and by that we mean proper science, not pseudo-science which is what most popular publications push out today) indicate that genes do not determine what or who we become; it is one’s environment that determines what one will or will not become.  We have traits for certain patterns held in our genes, but for these traits to be triggered, it necessitates the presence of environmental triggers.

The top players have an intimate understanding of how these factors operate and use this knowledge (mind games) to shape minds at a very early age via controlled and mandated brainwashing programs such public education, daycare programs for babies and very young kids, TV, Social media,  so-called help groups, and the list goes on and on. However, what science has not paid too much attention to is the “breaking free process”. Just as one can be brainwashed one can with discipline and a little bit of patience undo the brainwashing.

Does Mass Psychology Hold the Key to the Markets?

We focus on the Mass psychology aspect when it comes to markets for one reason only; it is human emotions that determine the direction of the flow, including the financial markets. Technical analysis helps fine-tune the picture, but if you rely only on TA or FA (Fundamental Analysis) as most professionals do, you will always be left with a “what the hell just happened moment”.

For there will be many times where the action seems unexplainable, or completely insane or even unpredictable, but the truth is that everything has a pattern. Also When AI plays a more critical role in the markets, it will follow human directions or human modes of behaviour; it will try to predict what a human would do, and that is where it will fail.  Most humans are not aware of why they follow a certain path, and now a machine is going to be programmed by those who don’t know why they are doing something to find out the “why factor”; good luck on that fool’s mission.

AI and Stock Market Analysis

So at least as far as the market is concerned AI will not be as competitive as it will be in other areas; in fact, it might just take human stupidity to an even higher level.  Humans have a hard time understanding each other because they don’t understand themselves. They refuse to acknowledge that at the end of the day they are nothing but a bucket full of misunderstood emotions. Furthermore, each of these emotions is competing for dominance.  Finally, to make matter worse, individuals that have been brainwashed are busy utilising these mind games to change the perceptions of those within their reach.

Hence the first step to improvement is to understand and identify the problem correctly; it is, for this reason, we have stated over and over again, that in this new era, one should not wear one’s emotions on one’s sleeves.  You have about a millisecond to prevent a given emotion from taking over.

A millisecond seems like nothing, but it’s a lot of time for the brain to process data if it wants to.  If you decide to just ask yourself the question “why”, when you are about to give in to rage, panic, anxiety, euphoria, and a host of other emotions, you will be surprised with the outcome.  This question as to why something is happening is all that is needed to prevent a specific emotion from taking over. When that occurs, one is in a position to observe what is going on. Experiencing this once only will provide you with years’ worth of data, now imagine if you could experience two or five, such moments, how your outlook will/could change.

It all comes down to Perceptions

Everything comes down to perception; alter the perception and the picture changes. How can you adjust the perception; merely change the angle of observance or widen it.  Everything starts off with small steps but ends with huge leaps; that is the story that lies behind the saying “slow but sure”, or “haste makes for waste.”  Keep an open mind as we explore this topic over several updates; It might appear that we are doing so in a disorderly manner, but we are not, remember emotions have no order.

To understand the problem (the disease), you have to identify it, to distinguish it correctly you have to be able to operate under the same conditions the problem does. Emotions have no order; they are not based on logic, they occur randomly, and they change randomly, and that is why the markets appear insane because everyone is trying to make something crazy appear sane.

Fiat money has turbocharged the situation by a factor of 10, and therefore we will include this in the discussion. We are moving into a new era of forever QE, and once again, most experts are going to widely miscalculate its effects.

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