Low IQ reason most immigrants cannot integrate in Europe

Low IQ reason most immigrants cannot integrate in Europe

A Swedish site published a debate that provides evidence that supports the assertion that Low IQ plays a central role in immigrants inability to integrate with the people of Europe.  The debate is translated below for English speaking individuals and we find the contents of the discussion to be kind of interesting, to say the least.  We are posting the main excerpts from the debate, but we will provide the link for those who want to read the article in its entirety.

“The fact that immigrants are failing at school and on the labour market need not be due to discrimination. Instead, the reasons must be sought in the fact that the largest immigrant groups have an average IQ level that is far below that of ethnic Swedes. Writes Sture Eriksson, associate professor of psychology at Uppsala University and former researcher of test methodology and intelligence testing, for Fria Tider Debate.

“The current immigration debate has slowly begun to air this previously tabooed issues, but it is still a too sensitive of a topic to objectively examine some of the consequences of immigration.

An axiom of economic theory is the Peano-axiom, which means that we assume that different nations have the same intelligence distributions (same mean and standard deviation). The question is however whether this axiom is merely wishful thinking or whether it has a scientific basis.

The answer to this question has been given by two researchers in an important book: IQ and the Wealth of Nations written by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen. (2002)

They published a compilation of nation IQs that they put in relation to each nation’s prosperity, and subsequently published the results on the internet. In short, the compilation refutes this Peanos-axiom.

Intelligence division (the standardised IQ distribution, also called the bell curve or Gaussian distribution) has a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 IQ units.

The results that the two researchers have published show significant differences in average intelligence between countries:

Several Asian countries, such as Japan and China, have an average IQ of 107.

Sweden and several European countries have an average IQ of around 100.

Many African states, such as Somalia, Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Angola, Rwanda have an average IQ of about 70. Several Arab countries, such as Iraq, also have an average IQ level significantly below the Swedish.

Students from these countries have appallingly low educational success and an alarmingly high unemployment rate. These problems are marginalised by both historians and politicians.

Today an IQ level between 50 and 70 (ICD-10) is considered a cognitive developmental disability. A large percentage of the students from above-mentioned states thus have, by Western standards, a developmental disability, which means that they must be taught in “remedial classes” or in special needs schools. Two per cent of Swedish pupils falls into this group, while 50 percent of immigrants from low-IQ countries are found in that same group. To read full story click here www.europeanguardian.com


Cultural Clash and Religious Clash

Europe is thus taking the worst of the lot when it comes to intelligence; the religious factor is a secondary issue.  If you were the owner of a company that put out a great product, you would not hire the dumbest individuals; you would look for the most gifted and talented to ensure the continent success of your product.   If you took the reverse path and hired anyone, you would guarantee that future products would be full of defects. On the same token, Europe has taken individuals whose IQ’s are well below the average European IQ; in essence, they are taking in the garbage and hoping to produce Gold. This is a pipe dream.  Immigrants can be good for a country, but you need to take in immigrants that can contribute and help maintain the prosperity of a nation.  Higher IQ individuals adapt quickly and are more open generally to accepting new cultures.  Lastly, strict rules need to be enforced that implicitly state the cultural norms of the hosting nation must be adhered to; any violations should be dealt with severely.  There is a direct correlation between IQ and violence; the lower the IQ, the higher the propensity to turn to violence.

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