Jihadi Threat: Is Radical ISlam Something To Worry About

jihadi threat near seat of U.S. government

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Jihadi threat

“In the U.S., more people are killed by far-right extremists than by those who are adherents to Islamist extremism,” said Mary McCord, a Georgetown University law professor and a former senior Justice Department official for national security. Her comments came at a discussion last week at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which commemorates victims of the most notorious attack by international terrorists on American soil.

A report ranked homegrown and white supremacist groups highest among terrorist threats in 2020.

Even as the menace from homegrown extremists grows more explicit, however, law enforcement is wrestling with how to combat it. That challenge has spawned a fervent debate over whether the United States needs a new law to specifically criminalize domestic terrorism, or whether such a statute would threaten basic First Amendment rights. Full Story

Jihadi threat near the seat of U.S. government?


The jihadist terrorist threat to the United States is relatively limited.

Since the 9/11 attacks, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully directed and carried out a deadly attack inside the United States. With ISIS’ territorial collapse, the threat posed by the group has receded. It has been more than a year since the last deadly jihadist terrorist attack, and the number of terrorism-related cases in the United States has declined substantially since its peak in 2015, though there will almost certainly be an uptick in cases this year.

However, “homegrown” jihadist terrorism, including that inspired by ISIS, is likely to remain a threat. As this threat is not inherently tied to ISIS’ possession of territory, policymakers should not expect a substantial shift in the nature or extent of the threat to the United States.

The most likely threat to the United States comes from terrorists inspired by a mixture of ideologies including jihadist, far-right, and idiosyncratic strains, radicalized on or via the internet and taking advantage of the availability of weapons, particularly semi-automatic firearms, in the United States. While ISIS’ inspirational power has lessened in recent years, white supremacist extremism is increasingly inspiring deadly violence. Full Story


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