Sextortion-hackers new game plan to fleece silly men using hot women as bait

Sextortion-hackers new game plan to fleece silly men using hot women as bait

Edited by Vlad Rothstein 

Sextortion-hackers new game plan to fleece silly men using hot women as bait: think twice before you do something silly online

Cases of “sextortion” have more than doubled in the UK in the past year and four men have taken  their own lives after being targeted by criminals online, according to figures released by the police.  SEE ALSO: 3 ways Black Mirror Season 3 became all too real “Sextortion” is a form of blackmail where victims are befriended online by criminals using a fake identity who then persuade them to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam.  Using an attractive woman to entice the victim, organised crime croups then threaten to share videos with victims’ friends and family unless they agree to pay a huge sum of money.  The National Crime Agency (NCA), which investigates these cases, said some of the victims.Full story

The things people do for money and or sex.  While this story might be amusing, it is the prelude to a bigger trend change.  The world of robotics is advancing at a terrifying pace. Individual companies have already produced robots that look incredibly real, so it is just a matter of time before man and machine get intimate. We live in a world where everyone wants everything now and with little effort as possible.  We have stated for many years now that morality as most know it is over and the trend is not letting up. If you are 40 or older, a lot of what seemed immoral back in the days is embraced today as the norm.   Be very careful before you drop your knickers online for that girl you think that likes you could just be working for some crime syndicate, whose game-plan is to separate you from a several thousand dollars.  When you are online you should be very careful who you share information with and the last thing you should be thinking of is trying to create soft porn movie that will be used against you at some future date.

Think wise and think with the right head and all will be well; think with the wrong head and you could be a sea of trouble. You might also find this post to be of interest High income individuals will embrace Robot Sex states Expert

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