Double Crossing Merkel states she will deport 100K migrants

Violence and Rape Crisis in Europe

Violence and Rape Crisis in Europe; can Merkel be Trusted to Deliver on her promise to deport 100K immigrants 

Merkel’s recent efforts to adopt a tougher stance on Muslim immigrants seem like an attempt to mitigate the significant challenges she brought upon Europe. However, for many, it appears to be a case of too little, too late. She is the one who, in the past, compelled Europe to accept these newcomers without adequate vetting procedures in place.

It’s worth noting that a substantial portion of the immigrants arriving were not even from Syria; some were allegedly sent by organizations like ISIS and other malevolent groups to infiltrate Europe. Many view her actions as having inadvertently facilitated these situations, potentially subjecting European populations to unnecessary violence.

Low IQ Violence and Rape Crisis in Europe; can Merkel be Trusted to Deliver on her promise to deport 100K immigrants

The suffering endured by the thousands of European women who have been victims of these heinous acts is unimaginable, and their lives will never be the same. These scars will remain with them indefinitely, leaving us to ponder the question of why this tragedy occurred.

It’s evident that the immigrants in question were not subjected to thorough vetting procedures; in fact, it appears that there was a lack of due diligence in this regard. Furthermore, the disproportionate acceptance of healthy young men over women and children raises significant concerns. The entire approach seems flawed.

However, the issue of IQ, while raised, is of lesser significance. As previously emphasized, the primary concern is the inadequate vetting process that allowed these individuals entry.

In light of these circumstances, one might argue that the most responsible course of action for those involved would be to step down. Nevertheless, individuals like her, who betray trust, often lack a moral compass. There is a perception that she is aligned with political figures who wield undue influence, and it raises the question of whether her loyalties lie elsewhere.

In this trying situation, it’s crucial for the people of Germany to unite and address these concerns through the appropriate channels.

Is the Violence and Rape Crisis in Europe propelling Merkel to grow a conscience

In one of the most remarkable reversals in recent political history, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has now announced plans to deport approximately 10% of recently arrived migrants, totalling around 100,000 individuals. Chancellor Merkel, who has been facing a decline in her popularity, leading to a surge in support for far-right parties, has declared that authorities will significantly increase the rate of forced repatriation.

This stance marks a striking about-face for the Chancellor, who was once known for her pro-refugee stance. Her decision to welcome migrants from Africa and the Middle East had faced severe criticism both domestically and internationally. In response to these challenges, she has adopted a tougher stance on immigration in recent months, a shift that contrasts sharply with her earlier policies. . Full Story

While the recent developments may be shocking to some, our readers might find them less surprising, as we had predicted these events months in advance. Chancellor Merkel’s political party has been experiencing a decline in support at the polls, and she is currently fighting to maintain her position. Germany has yet to find a charismatic leader, and it may lag behind other European nations in terms of selecting a leader from what the press often refers to as the “Alt-right” segment of the population.

This emerging trend appears to be unstoppable, and it is likely that Europe will see the appointment of leaders who adopt a more stringent stance towards Islam in general.


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