Muslim outrage over meme

Muslims outraged over meme

Muslim outrage over memes.

The writer dismisses liberal outrage over an Islamophobic meme featuring retired Gen. James Mattis, shared on former U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West’s Facebook page. They argue that nobody will care about their feelings as long as Islamist groups fail to condemn radical Islamists who harm Christians. The article suggests that a new trend is in play and that his appointees will carry out Trump’s strong stance against radical Islam. The post on West’s page accused Mattis of being “fired by Obama to please the Muslims” and “hired by Trump to exterminate them,” but was later taken down with an apology issued.  Full Story

Predicted Trends Unfolding: The Clash Between Western and Muslim Culture


As predicted, the trend is unfolding like clockwork. While there may have been greater public outrage initially, the level of anger is likely to decrease as time goes on. Consequently, councils that previously garnered attention for their reactions may now be ignored, partly because previous outrages were not effectively addressed.

A pendulum-like effect is in play, whereby Europe and America will likely begin to differentiate between secular and conservative Muslims. Those who do not assimilate or adapt to Western culture will face significant backlash.

The resulting clashes will likely be most apparent in Germany, Britain, and France, although Sweden, which has seen a marked increase in violence, could also react strongly. It is important to note that if this occurs, violence in Europe will likely increase significantly, making this a very contentious issue.

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Lets put an end to this madness once and for all. Make two calls.

House Bill HR 3892 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act and S2230 the Senate companion bill would, through the FTO designation, give congress greater investigative powers to unseal Obama’s school records to see if he had Muslim Brotherhood ties before the presidency.

The FTO designation would also give congress power to investigate Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood appointees and their role in gutting FBI and other NSA counter-terrorism effectiveness.

For the House contact: Speaker Paul Ryan 202-225-3031, Fax 202-225-3393
Maj Ldr Kevin McCarthy 202-225-2915, Fax 202-225-2908
“I support HR 3892 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act
please schedule for a FULL HOUSE VOTE. Thank you.”

For the senate email: [email protected]
Call Sen. Corker Chrmn 202-224-3344, Fax 202-228-0566
“Senator Corker – I support S2230 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act please send to committee. Thank you.”

Missy Victoria

While some Muslims are cutting off heads.. the rest are clapping and cheering them on. These individuals have an agenda.. and they are all players. They all read and take instruction from the very same book. ALL Muslims should be exported from the US.. and never allowed back in. Islam was banned in the US by law in 1952. In 1990 or so.. that law was amended. most likely by liberals.