Muslim group outraged over meme posted on Allen West’s FB page-Nobody cares

 Muslim group outraged over meme posted on Allen West’s FB page-Nobody cares

Here we go again, the liberals making a big noise about nothing. In the US we have something called freedom of speech and individuals in the US have a right to exercise this especially as these so called religious groups have done absolutely nothing to condemn radical Islamists.  However, when anything is done against them, they feel that it’s time to shout out. They need to understand that there is a new trend in play and that Obama’s weak stance against Radical Islam will not be repeated. Trump is selecting individuals that are going to brutally take the battle to all these radicals. The mission will be to wipe them off the face of this planet.

Islamist groups need to take an equally strong stance when radical Islamists rape, and kill Christians; until they do, they should understand that nobody cares what they think or feel anymore.

Muslim group outraged over meme posted on Allen West’s FB page-But Nobody cares anymore

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West sparked outrage over the weekend when an Islamophobic meme featuring retired Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to serve as defense secretary, showed up on the former Florida congressman’s Facebook page. The image was especially notable because West, who met with members of Trump’s transition team at Trump Tower last week, returned for more meetings there on Monday.  “We’ll see when I get up there,” he said when asked what prompted his visit.

The post included an image of Mattis — who most recently served as the head of the U.S. Central Command under President Obama until his 2013 retirement — and a caption asserting that he had been “fired by Obama to please the Muslims” and “hired by Trump to exterminate them.” It was taken down Saturday, and the editor of West’s personal website issued an apology claiming that West was unaware the meme had been posted. Full Story

Like clockwork what the trend predicted is coming to pass. There would be far more outrage over such a story, but as time passes by, there will be less and less outrage. Now, such councils will be ignored because their outrage was muted when radical Islamists created problems. The pendulum swings in both ways. Going forward, Europe and America will start treating secular Muslims differently from conservative ones. Muslims will have to learn to assimilate in the West and adapt to Western ways, those that cling stubbornly to their ways will face a massive backlash.  The clashes will be more evident in Europe: pay attention to Germany, Britain and France. However, Sweden which has seen a huge surge in violence might suddenly react with extreme prejudice. If this occurs expect violence to soar in Europe; this is not going to be a quiet battle.

Take a look at this video; it will make you think twice about adopting a liberal attitude towards Radical Islam

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Lets put an end to this madness once and for all. Make two calls.

House Bill HR 3892 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act and S2230 the Senate companion bill would, through the FTO designation, give congress greater investigative powers to unseal Obama’s school records to see if he had Muslim Brotherhood ties before the presidency.

The FTO designation would also give congress power to investigate Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood appointees and their role in gutting FBI and other NSA counter-terrorism effectiveness.

For the House contact: Speaker Paul Ryan 202-225-3031, Fax 202-225-3393
Maj Ldr Kevin McCarthy 202-225-2915, Fax 202-225-2908
“I support HR 3892 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act
please schedule for a FULL HOUSE VOTE. Thank you.”

For the senate email: [email protected]
Call Sen. Corker Chrmn 202-224-3344, Fax 202-228-0566
“Senator Corker – I support S2230 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act please send to committee. Thank you.”

Missy Victoria

While some Muslims are cutting off heads.. the rest are clapping and cheering them on. These individuals have an agenda.. and they are all players. They all read and take instruction from the very same book. ALL Muslims should be exported from the US.. and never allowed back in. Islam was banned in the US by law in 1952. In 1990 or so.. that law was amended. most likely by liberals.