Europe-Illegal to criticize Islam

Europe-Illegal to criticize Islam

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Germany is silencing “hate speech”, but cannot define it

“WHAT the hell is wrong with this country?” fumed Beatrix von Storch to her 30,000 Twitter followers on December 31st: “Why is the official police page in NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia] tweeting in Arabic?” The MP for the hard-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party detected in the force’s multilingual new-year greeting a bid “to appease the barbaric, Muslim, rapist hordes of men”. The next day her tweet—and, for 12 hours, her entire account—vanished from Twitter. In the subsequent political storm Alice Weidel, co-leader of the AfD, came to Ms von Storch’s defence: “Our authorities are subordinating themselves to imported, rampaging, groping, punching, stabbing migrant mobs,” she tweeted. That, too, was promptly deleted.

Overwhelmed by the volume and wary of incurring such huge fines, social-media firms are erring on the side of censorship. On January 2nd Titanic, a satirical magazine joked that Ms von Storch would be its new guest tweeter. Two of the subsequent tweets mocking the AfD politician were censored.

Regulating speech was easier in the past when Germany was a more settled, homogeneous and conformist place. The wave of new arrivals since 2015 has accelerated its long-term evolution into a more plural, fragmented country. Long after Britain and France, Germany is becoming a land of immigrants. The arrival of the AfD in the Bundestag after its election in September increased the number of groupings there to a record six, up from three for most of the post-war period. The internet is generating dissenting and outspoken competitors to the country’s more cautious established media. This new, more open and varied Germany is harder to govern. Full Story

Finns Party politician convicted of incitement will appeal the verdict

In Finland, Terhi Kiemunki, a Finns Party politician, was found guilty by a court of “slandering and insulting adherents of the Islamic faith.”

Finns Party politician Terhi Kiemunki has been found guilty of agitation against an ethnic group and sentenced to pay a 450-euro fine. Kiemunki requested a police investigation to quell claims that a blog post she wrote claiming that all Muslims are terrorists was racist. However, police pressed charges and a Tampere court found her guilty of the offence.

During the trial, Kiemunki was asked why she did not make a distinction between Islam and radical Islam. She replied that she meant to refer to the spread of Islamic culture and religion and that she “probably should have” spoken of radicalised elements of the religion instead of the faith as a whole.

The Court found that Kiemunki’s writings and her court testimony had the same tone and that when she wrote of a “repressive, intolerant and violent religion and culture” Kiemunki meant the Islamic faith. As a result, the court concluded that the nature of the Tampere Finns Party politician’s blog generalised to refer to all Muslims Full Story

Europe has started to enshrine Islamophobia into law

What with France’s ban on the niqab in 2010, and countries such as Germany wanting to follow suit, the trend of enshrining Islamophobia into law is becoming increasingly common. Proponents of such policies deceptively tell the public these decisions will emancipate Muslim women from the proposed shackles of Islam. Yet, what these laws represent is a discriminatory form of social engineering to try and enforce Muslim women to adopt a secular identity.

Such discriminatory and openly xenophobic policies contradict Europe’s inherent belief that it is a bastion of freedom in an otherwise barbaric and intolerant world.

They conveniently ignore the impact that such legislation is having on the lives of ordinary Muslim women. An inquiry by the Women and Equalities Committee found that Muslim women were three times less likely to be employed. The report highlighted the role of “unconscious bias” in discrimination against women that wear the hijab or have Muslim sounding names. Full Story

Response to above article; When in Rome do as the Romans do or be sent home 


Europe: Illegal to Criticize Islam

While Geert Wilders was being prosecuted in the Netherlands for talking about “fewer Moroccans” during an election campaign, a state-funded watchdog group says that threatening homosexuals with burning, decapitation and slaughter is just fine, so long as it is Muslims who are making those threats, as the Quran tells them that such behavior is mandated.

“I am still of the view that declaring statistical facts or even sharing an opinion is not a crime if someone doesn’t like it.” – Finns Party politician, Terhi Kiemunki, fined 450 euros for writing of a “culture and law based on a violent, intolerant and oppressive religion.”

So in Finland, since the court’s decision, citizens are now required to make a distinction, entirely fictitious, between “Islam” and “radical Islam,” or else they may find themselves prosecuted and fined for “slandering and insulting adherents of the Islamic faith.” As Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” There are extremist Muslims and non-extremist Muslims, but there is only one Islam.

It is a pity that Kiemunki did not present the court with quotes from the Quran, such as, “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them…” (9:5), and “So fight them until there is no more fitna [strife] and all submit to the religion of Allah.” (8:39). Perhaps, then, the court could have at least tried to explain to the public in more concrete detail the differences between “Islam” and “radical Islam.” Full Story

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