Modi’s party targets Bollywood Star Khan for criticising them

Modi's party targets Bollywood Star Khan for criticising them

Modi’s Party Targets Bollywood Star

According to a former BJP’s IT Cell volunteer, India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party conducted an online campaign against Bollywood star Aamir Khan over his comments on growing intolerance in the country. Khan faced criticism from far-right Hindu groups for his remarks in late 2015 that were perceived as critical of the government of Narendra Modi, who had led the BJP to a significant election win in 2014 and became prime minister.

Modi’s party targets Bollywood Star: Allegations or Reality

The allegations made by Sadhavi Khosla regarding the online campaign against Bollywood star Aamir Khan by India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party have been published in a book called “I Am A Troll” written by journalist Swati Chaturvedi. Khosla, a former BJP social media team volunteer, claimed that the party ran “malicious and sexist” campaigns online against opponents and prominent journalists.

She submitted proof of messages from the BJP’s IT Cell chief Arvind Gupta to boycott Snapdeal, an Indian e-commerce firm, because Khan was its brand ambassador. The allegations suggest that when a message from the IT Cell comes from the party, it becomes the official party line. Khan faced criticism from far-right Hindu groups for his comments on growing intolerance in India, which were seen as critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.  Full Story

Modi’s Strategy and India’s Competitiveness against China

Modi employed a “divide and conquer” strategy by purposely exacerbating tensions between Hindus and Muslims. This article presents some evidence to support this claim, but a quick Google search can provide more comprehensive information. Modi aims to manipulate the masses and declaring a “war on cash” is an effective way to do so. He has banned all currency notes that are worth more than the equivalent of a $10 US Note.

This extreme measure has already had a negative impact on India’s economy and is one of the reasons why India will never be able to compete with China, at least not in the next century. Apart from the obvious reasons, such as lack of unity, there is also an unspoken factor that affects India’s chances, which is IQ. The average IQ of the Chinese is significantly higher than that of the average Indian. Additionally, the Chinese are highly united, whereas the Indians lack this quality.

The Trend of Polarizing Leaders

In recent years, there has been a concerning rise in polarizing individuals being elected to power. This article highlights a disturbing development where the overall IQ in Western nations is dropping. Some experts argue that this is due to lobbying from organizations like Soros’s open borders program, which advocates for allowing individuals with lower IQs into their countries. Germany and Obama’s policies are examples of this but contrast this with China and Russia, which have strict entry requirements.

Unqualified immigration can lead to several problems, and it’s essential to welcome qualified immigrants. The article raises the question of why Europe did not welcome Ukrainians, who are going through a challenging time due to an illegal coup and the overthrow of their democratically elected government. Ukrainians share similar values and are hard-working and well-educated. The article concludes by suggesting that charity should begin at home, and nations should prioritize helping their fellow citizens.

China and Russia’s Strict Immigration Laws: A Contrast to Western Nations’ Immigration Policies

China and Russia have strict laws that prioritize their citizens, and they are unlikely to face the same immigration problems as Western nations. Immigrants in China and Russia must follow the rules, or they risk being forced to leave.

In Guangzhou, many African immigrants, mostly from Islamic backgrounds, are being pushed to leave after living there for decades. Officials and locals claim that these immigrants do not want to integrate and cause trouble, leading to their expulsion.

The article highlights the contrast between the strict immigration policies in China and Russia with the policies in Western nations, which have led to unqualified immigration and a decrease in overall IQ.


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