Alt Right movement gaining momentum across Europe & America

Alt Right movement gaining momentum across Europe & America

All across Europe, we expect the Alt-right movement to gain traction and unfortunately, some good people will get caught in the flack.  We have been stating this for a long time and the excerpt from one of our Market Updates (paid subscription) illustrates this point.  This trend is gaining momentum at a dangerous pace.

The Alt right movement as the Media refers to them are gaining so much momentum that it has scared even Granny Merkel into action. In an unprecedented move, she has started to take an anti-immigration stance, stating that up to 100,000 immigrants could now face deportation.   We suspect it is a little too late and that even if she manages to cling to power, the right wing movement will gain enough seats to force her hand. Market update Nov 30, 2016


The alt-right movement continues to gain traction in Germany and as we stated even though she was elected again as head of the party, she is going to have to offer significant concessions if she wants to hold onto this power as the Alt-right group will continue to gain traction going forward.    We see this taking place all over Europe; the courts tried to silence Wilders who is very popular in Netherlands, and all they ended up doing was making him even more popular. This trend is in the early stages and as it is a new trend Europe’s political landscape is going to go through a complete overhaul. Anyone with the current mindset will be in the minority in the years to come; the future politicians are going to emphasise European values and target Radical Islam extremely harshly.

Wilders, 52, whose party leads opinion polls with calls to close Dutch borders to refugees, pledged to immediately pull the Netherlands out of the 28-nation EU should he become prime minister in elections due in March next year. The EU is unraveling and that’s to be encouraged, he said, urging the U.K. to quit the bloc in its forthcoming referendum.“We are not sovereign any more; we are not even allowed to form our own immigration policy or even close our borders, and I would do that,” Wilders said Thursday in an interview in the Dutch parliament building in The Hague. “I would wish the Dutch to be more like Switzerland. In the heart of Europe, but not in the European Union.”

A household name in the Netherlands since 2004, when he split from the mainstream Liberal party to form his own on an anti-Islam platform, the bouffant-haired blond has enjoyed a swell of support as voters grow increasingly alarmed at the arrival in Europe of more than a million refugees from Syria and elsewhere. The latest poll showed him winning the most parliamentary seats — as many as Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Liberals won in 2012 — if elections were held now. Full Story

Pay attention to what Wilders is saying and doing; this theme is resonating with the Europeans. It started off with Putin and the Hungarian President and is now spreading like wildfire across Europe

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