Why do financial services flood subscribers with unnecessary emails

Why do financial services flood subscribers with unnecessary emails

At the Tactical Investor, we focus on Mass Psychology, sentiment and key technical analysis tools. We do not concentrate on creating false stories, and we certainly don’t practise the art of flooding your inbox with endless stories most of which are sales pitches.  This begs the question; why do most financial sites paid and free, think it is necessary to flood your with several updates a week when they can sum it all up in one update which could be sent out once a week or once every other week.  Because they want to sell you more crap and secondly they hedge their bets so they provide you with multiple scenarios so that they can come out and state “you see we got it right”. What will be left out of this future sales pitch is the countless number of times they got it wrong.  This is what we recently sent out to our paid subscribers in regards to our views on not flooding them with countless emails. For the record, we apply the same standard to our free newsletter service.

 We would like to repeat what we have stated in the past regarding the frequency of updates.  We do not have a fixed schedule because when you force yourself to do something, you are more likely to see the wrong picture or paint a false picture just because you are obliged to put out something.  Well before the fake news epidemic we continually stated that more data/info was not necessarily better and that in many instances less news/data was a better option. Moreover, we repeatedly made the case that most mainstream media outlets were on par with rubbish.  We will send out two main updates each month and as many interim updates as deemed necessary.  However, we will not send out updates just for the sake of sending out updates and flood you with useless data. Market Update Dec 31, 2016

We modify the format for a reason; in fact, the current format was entirely different from the format in 2014, and the 2014 format was entirely distinct from the 2011 format and so on. We change because there is a saying in the jungle “adapt or die” and believe it or not the financial markets are worse than most jungles.   We base these changes on trends and psychological data we gather by studying the masses.

We will reiterate what we have stated many times before; there is a reason we continued to adjust the rate at which updates are sent out. When we first started, we would send out updates much more frequently, but as the level of misinformation surged we begun to cut back as opposed to increasing the number of updates. Other services did the opposite, and they continue to do so; they feel the need to give the impression that they are providing value to the customer, but in fact, they are doing them a great disservice. Information overload is a severe problem today.

Try subscribing to any free newsletter and see how many updates of utter rubbish they send you. Why don’t they just send out one nice update every week or every other week instead of sending you reams of emails every week? We have examined some of those services, and in most cases, we could summarise what they have stated in 10 emails in one short email.  Thus the logical conclusion is that they are sending more in the hopes it convinces you that you are getting a bang for your buck when in fact, all you are getting is a bang minus the buck.

We place a very strong emphasis on Mass psychology so when we noticed that many companies/individuals thought it was a good idea to blast their subscribers with emails; we felt uncomfortable and did what appeared insane at first. We reduced the number of updates but spent more time on them. In some cases, it takes us almost two weeks to complete an update because we are not just pulling straws out of our backside and making up stories to make you guys feel good.

You did not join this service because you thought we would pat you on your back and tell you that you are a good old boy. If that is what you seek, a visit to the neighbourhood bar or pub should do the trick; after a few drinks everyone will pat you on the shoulder and tell you whatever sweet lies you are looking to hear.  We, on the other hand, seek to provide you information that is unbiased and that focuses on the trend.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to trade and stress is something we abhor; the only thing we dislike more than stress is a fool that gives into Panic.  You live once, only and you owe it to yourself to be open-minded and to understand that in the end all of us collectively probably know only a fraction of what this world contains.  It is, for this reason, we will never call ourselves experts or masters. We are at most advanced students of the market and life; we have no desire to stop the learning process.

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