Decoding Deceptions: Unmasking Financial Newsletter Services

Unraveling the Truth Behind Financial Newsletter Services

Financial Newsletter Services: Lies and Beyond

Updated Aug 2023

The most effective approach to tackling this subject is within a historical context. This lens reveals the intricate collusion between the press and the financial industry, orchestrating a sinister dance to coerce the masses into selling gold for mere pennies. Meanwhile, they champion dubious newsletters that claim to hold the elusive “holy grail.

Our core focus at Tactical Investor centres on Mass Psychology, with a secondary emphasis on Technical Analysis. Unlike many outlets, we refrain from fixating on the news or attempting to recreate it. Today’s news often resembles gossip—entertaining to hear but detrimental to your financial well-being.

In this environment, Financial newsletters thrive, mastering the art of the sales pitch. They concoct various tales to entice potential customers, promising outstanding returns and top-notch service. However, the reality often involves mediocre service and financial losses, akin to dealing with snake oil salesmen. True excellence doesn’t require bombastic titles; satisfied customers speak for the quality through reviews on independent platforms. Thus, investors should start their journey by examining these candid reviews, shedding light on services that promise the stars but deliver less than value.

This prompts a question: Why do most financial newsletter sites, both paid and free, inundate you with numerous weekly updates? Could they not consolidate it into one weekly or bi-weekly update? The answer lies in their intent to sell more, and they hedge their position by offering multiple scenarios. They can later claim, “See, we were right!”

Conveniently omitted from their future sales pitches are the numerous instances in which they were wrong. We recently communicated this philosophy to our paid subscribers regarding our approach of not overwhelming them with excessive emails. For transparency, we uphold the same standard for our free newsletter service.


Is the Media and Political Agenda Fueling Coronavirus Hysteria?

Amid the escalating scope of the coronavirus pandemic, a parallel phenomenon has taken root in recent weeks: hysteria.Fueled by media and social platforms, this hysteria magnifies the crisis beyond its actual magnitude. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the reality. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that from October of the previous year to March of the current year, an estimated 36,000,000 to 51,000,000 individuals contracted the flu. Additionally, fatalities ranged between 22,000 and 55,000 people. Full StoryLook at these bombastic claims on the potential Toll Of the Coronavirus.You’ve likely encountered alarming predictions. Imperial College London initially asserted a grim projection, though it was later dialled back with less attention. The estimate suggested a potential 2.2 million U.S. deaths, contingent on the severity of lockdown measures. To scale down this figure to 1.1 million, an existence akin to a gulag lifestyle would be required “until a vaccine becomes available (potentially 18 months or more),” as they indicated. The CDC provided an estimate of up to 1.7 million American deaths.

Ironically, with comparatively milder precautions currently in place – albeit briefly – the financial markets have tumbled, unemployment claims have surged beyond the Great Recession’s peak, and the spectre of a global economic depression hovers. Remarkably, some contend that these measures remain insufficiently stringent. Full Story

Avoid Succumbing to Hysteria

Amidst this climate, financial newsletter services are poised to promote an array of potentially groundbreaking therapies on the brink of market readiness. However, it’s crucial to highlight keywords like “almost,” “most likely,” and “should.” Beneath the surface, these individuals are essentially admitting their lack of certainty, except for their confidence in profiting from your adherence to their misguided counsel.

Financial Newsletter Services: Sorting Through the Noise to Find the Silver Lining

One method for gauging the intensity of their purchasing activity involves examining the sell-to-buy ratio. Any reading above 2.00 is deemed typical, while a value below 0.90 is seen as remarkably bullish. The present ratio stands at 0.35. This fact is truly astonishing and serves as confirmation that this market downturn presents a significant long-term buying opportunity.

A week ago, we observed that the buying trend persisted and raised the possibility that insiders might find themselves purchasing shares more frequently than they were selling them – a rare occurrence. This week, we must express that we significantly underestimated that potential. Sell/buy ratios analyzed by Vickers are indicative of bullish sentiment when they fall below 2.00. They exhibit strong bullishness when below 1.00, signifying uncommon instances when the count of insider purchase transactions surpasses that of sell transactions. For instance, a reading of 0.90 indicates a highly bullish scenario. Vickers’ benchmark NYSE/ASE One-Week Sell/Buy Ratio rests at 0.33, while the Total one-week reading stands at 0.35. Insiders aren’t merely acquiring shares; they’re voraciously consuming them. Insiders exhibited a similar behavior in late December 2018.


Random Reflections on Financial Services by the Tactical Investor

The Tactical Investor places significant emphasis on mass psychology. Thus, when we observed numerous companies and individuals opting to inundate their subscribers with emails, we felt uneasy and adopted a contrary position. At the Tactical Investor, we decided to curtail the frequency of updates/emails dispatched. Instead, we allocated more time to crafting comprehensive updates, disseminating them solely when deemed essential.

You didn’t subscribe to our service seeking accolades or applause. If that’s your desire, a visit to a local bar or pub might suffice. After a few drinks, you’ll likely receive the praise you’re after. In contrast, our mission revolves around delivering impartial information that centres on trends.

Our objective is to simplify trading for you, and stress is something we detest. In fact, the only thing we find more distasteful than stress is yielding to panic. Life offers just one chance, and you owe it to yourself to remain receptive. Understand that collectively, we likely grasp only a fraction of this world’s contents. This realization is why we refrain from labelling ourselves as experts or masters. At most, we are advanced students of both the market and life. Our thirst for learning remains unquenchable.

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