Clinton’s Haiti Charity Dubious Behaviour Irritates Voters

Clinton's Haiti Charity Dubious Behaviour Irritates Voters

Clinton’s Haiti Charity Dubious Behaviour Irritates Voters

Trump is not impressed with the Clintons Haiti Charity efforts and how the money was dubiously spent.  He went on to state the following.

Trump referenced his trip to Little Haiti, Wednesday night, during the presidential debate.

“I was in Little Haiti the other day in Florida. And I want to tell you, they hate the Clintons because what’s happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation is a disgrace. And you know it, and they know it, and everybody knows it,” he said.

Clinton’s Haiti Charity: Dirty Deeds In the Making

Haitians are also really mad at the Clintons for abusing the funds. if anyone else had done the same thing, they would have been jailed, but the Clintons have so far managed to get away with murder.

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