Victims of Sexual Assault: OZ Police Force Plagued with Sexual Harassment

Victims of Sexual Assault

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Victims of Sexual Assault

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Central bankers are declaring war on cash for one reason only; they want to punish savers and reward speculators and in the process destroy the middle class. The only way to maintain the illusion that all is well is to get the average Joe to embrace this illusory economic recovery and what better way to achieve this than by forcing them to speculate in the markets.

The best way to force savers to speculate is to punish them for saving, and that is exactly what central bankers have been doing, and the outlook will only worsen as central banks worldwide embrace negative rates.  Those calling for higher interest rates or hoping for them are living on another planet; higher rates are history. The new trend is negative rates and investors need to adapt or die; there is no middle ground here.

When savers start getting charged for saving money, they are going to withdraw these funds and try to find alternative investments.  Some will buy safes to hoard their cash, and some will turn to Gold but the vast majority will look for something to invest this money into and for most this will be the stock market. Why would they turn to the stock market? Possibly because most investors are not familiar with the concept of hard money and don’t understand that precious metals in general preserve one’s purchasing power over time. Stock market forecast; when will this market Crash

Victims of Sexual Assault: Crimes In OZ and The USA

The US military has a global reputation as having an out-of-control problem with sexual violence within its ranks. It might be tempting to hope things are better within the Australian Defence Force, but our own problems with military sexual violence persist.

The ADF has made public declarations of “zero tolerance” approximately every five years over the past two decades, even as rates of sexual assault and misconduct remain steady, and in some years increasing.

In addition to the consistently high rates of assault, the ADF continues to face scandals that defy an image of zero tolerance. For example, in 2017 it was discovered that ADF personnel were participating on a Facebook group page that joked about rape, violence against women, and child sexual assault. Veterans described the behaviour as “backlash” against progressive initiatives to change the military culture.  Full Story

Victims of Sexual Assault: Tougher Laws Need to be enacted.

Emerging from a federal executive meeting in Canberra, Liberal Party president Nick Greiner said a new code of conduct and dispute resolution process would likely be in place by the end of the year.

“We spent almost no time on the two examples the media has run,” he said.

“They are not federal examples, they are historical and we have no knowledge of them.” Full Story

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Ms.Cheryl Ford

Yes Bullying must be tackled head on and to have to read about Police officers Bullying each other honestly sets such a poor example of those who are supposed to uphold the law and protect the vulnerable.