America Backed More Than 35 Countries with Fascist Governments

America Supported 35+ Fascist Governments


US-Backed 35+ Nations Under Fascist Governments

Updated June 2023

The United States, often claiming to support freedom and promote democracy, has been accused of favouring oppressive regimes and undermining democratic processes. Several recent events highlight this alleged contradiction. This article will examine some of these events and their implications.

 Maidan in Kiev

One notable event is the Maidan protests in Kiev, Ukraine. Initially a peaceful demonstration, the situation escalated when the US intervened. Senator John McCain’s visit to Kiev and his encouragement of agents to cause chaos drew criticism. The US admitted to spending over $5 billion in its attempt to influence regime change. This raises questions about the US’s role in determining other countries’ leadership and the credibility of its claims to support democracy. Critics argue that if the US government itself has a significant number of corrupt officials, it lacks the moral authority to dictate other nations’ political processes.


Another controversial intervention was in Syria, where the US sought the removal of the democratically elected leader. The US supported so-called moderate rebels, who have been accused of committing atrocities against innocent Syrians. Critics argue that US intervention contributed to the refugee crisis in Europe, as displaced Syrians sought asylum in other countries. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the infiltration of terrorists posing as refugees. This situation has led to increased tensions and security challenges for European nations.


In Egypt, the US played a role in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power. However, their rule was short-lived, as a military coup ended their reign. This turn of events disrupted America’s plans and raised questions about the US’s support for democratic processes. Critics argue that the US’s involvement in Egypt’s political affairs undermines its claims to promote democracy and raises concerns about its true intentions.


The US’s actions in Ukraine, particularly during the Maidan protests, were seen by Russia as an attempt to destabilize the country. In response, the US imposed sanctions on Russia, hoping to exert pressure. However, this strategy backfired, as Russia demonstrated its military capabilities and its commitment to fighting terrorism in Syria. Russia’s alliance with China also poses a challenge to US dominance. Critics argue that the US’s miscalculations and aggressive actions have created a dangerous situation, potentially leading to further geopolitical tensions and consequences for the US.

In conclusion, the US’s involvement in various countries’ political affairs has raised concerns about its commitment to democracy and its support for oppressive regimes. The events in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, and Russia have highlighted these concerns and sparked debates about the US’s true intentions and the potential consequences of its actions.

Revealing US Collusions with Fascist Governments

The content below systematically presents a list of 35 nations aided by the U.S. These countries have consistently worked against the principles of free speech and democracy. Operating shielded by immunity and support from the State Department and the CIA, U.S. allies and proxies have committed severe atrocities, ranging from murder and torture to coups and genocide. The path of destruction and disorder traces its origins directly to the U.S. Capitol and the White House. As historian Gabriel Kolko noted in 1988, the concept of an honourable puppet remained an unresolved contradiction for Washington across the globe since 1945. The ensuing content offers a concise guide, from A to Z, to the chronicles of this ongoing failure. Full Story

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