Dangers Of Trading Low Volume Stock Markets explained
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Dangers Of Trading Low Volume Stock Markets

Dangers Of Trading Low Volume Stock Markets


 The Dangers Of Trading Low Volume Stock Markets; low volume is usually associated with Market Tops


Since the 16th of April, the Dow has pulleDangers Of Trading Low Volume Stock Markets are understatedd back several times however on three occasions the volume swelled to over 7 billion shares. April 16, volume expanded to 9.1 billion, April 27, volume surged to 8.31 billion and on May 4th volume rose to 7.4 billion. What do all these dates have in common? The markets sold off on each one of these dates. What is even more important is that not once during the 37 new highs the Dow put in did the volume ever make it even to the 7 billion mark.

This is an astounding development, for it indicates that long-term players are not participating in this rally. Low volume indicates low market participation and vice versa. Thus a market that puts in new highs on low volume is setting itself up for a very big fall as there are fewer and fewer players to support it.

VIX appears to have put in a bottom and is ready to trend much higher. An upward-trending VIX means markets will trend in the opposite direction.

Copper a leading economic indicator has already topped, and the Baltic Dry index put in top last November. Put call ratios are indicating that the masses are also extremely bullish.


In short to intermediate time frames, the markets are indicating that they need to let out steam as the purchasing power seems to be running dry, based on the low volume.  We would wait for a pullback before deploying new funds into this market. Individuals willing to take on a bit of risk can short the market via the following ETF’s DOG and QID.

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