Latest Stock Market News: Making Money With Mass Psychology

Latest Stock Market News

Latest Stock Market News: Using MP To Make Money

  1. There will always be room for another massive disaster.
  2. Stress is the most destructive force in the universe (at least as far as living things are concerned). Therefore, if you are part of the living dead, then this probably does not apply to you.
  3. The best and most effective trigger for stress is fear of the unknown. 99% of humans know nothing that could be termed as relevant, and or the little that they know is more destructive than useful. Most people selectively choose their stress (poison); if you can selectively choose your poison, you can also decide not to ingest any more of it. Hence, the disease and the cure lie within your hands. Do something about it or someone else will, and the outcome will not be the one you wish, want, or hoped for?
  4. There will always be fear mongers warning you that the end of the world is nigh (so far their record is dismal for the world has not ended). Your best option is to view their dire warnings in the same light as the ravings of a lunatic.
  5. There will always be people who say I wish I bought when the markets were falling apart, but when that situation finally presents itself, these very same individuals will be the first to head toward the exit.
  6. Ironically, people worry about dying, instead of focusing on how to make each moment of this finite life more memorable. Dead men tell no tales because the living is much better at it. 

Winning the stock market game

Instead of focussing on the Latest Stock Market News, individuals should focus on determining the trend of the market. The easiest way to determine the is to put the basic principles of mass psychology into play.  Determine on which side of the fence the crowd is sitting. If the crowd is euphoric then avoid the markets and vice versa.

To win in the markets, you need to combine MP with investing.  It is essential that MP becomes part of your investing strategy.  The crowd is always wrong, and the big players have their ways of manipulating the crowd.  Crowd manipulation is the way you trigger sharp rallies and sharp declines in the markets.  The masses are always on the wrong side because they let their emotions get in the way.  If you want to make money when you buy and sell stocks, whether they are large-cap stocks or penny stocks, putting mass psychology to use could help you tremendously

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