Will $9.95 Moviepass Kill theater profits?

$9.95 Moviepass

$9.95  MoviePass’s Ambitious Plan to Disrupt the Movie Theatre Industry

MoviePass, a startup founded by an early Netflix executive, is planning to drop the price of its movie ticket subscriptions to $9.95 per month. This ambitious move will allow customers to watch one movie per day at any theatre in the U.S. that accepts debit cards.

MoviePass plans to pay theatres the full price of each ticket used by its subscribers, excluding 3D or Imax screens. The company’s latest price drop is a significant disruption to the traditional movie theatre industry, as it allows consumers to watch as many movies as they want for a fraction of the cost of a traditional theatre ticket. Full Story

The Bold Strategy of Moviepass: A Threat to Traditional Movie Theatres?

Moviepass’s $9.95 per month subscription service, which allows customers to watch one movie per day in theatres, has raised eyebrows in the industry. Critics have questioned how the company can afford to pay theatres full price while charging such a low fee to customers.

However, if Moviepass can secure funding and attract a massive subscriber base, it could become a significant force in the industry. With a large subscriber base, the company could demand better pricing from theatre owners, threatening to raise subscription rates or play theatres against each other to secure the best deals.

Furthermore, the company’s potential to stir the masses with clever graphics, imagery, and videos could make it a formidable player in the market. Movie pass’s strategy could create a price war among theatres, playing to the company’s advantage.

Investors must monitor Moviepass’s progress and assess the potential impact of its business model on traditional movie theatres. While its strategy appears bold and potentially disruptive, many risks and unknowns are still associated with the company’s plans.


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