Rat Race: When Bother Working When Welfare Pays Better

Rat Race: When Bother Working When Welfare Pays Better

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Over a year ago we stated that Russia had hit the point of no return; in other words, the US had crossed Russia’s red line. Russians, as we stated, are fascinating people; they can be pushed quite a bit and keep quiet while this is going on. One never knows what their full limit is unless one takes the time to understand their culture, but when you cross that invisible red line, the transformation is shocking. It is like that of Jekyll and Hyde.  The Russian bear is in a hunting mode, and it will not stop until it has destroyed its prey.  China is emulating this behaviour as they have seen the gains Russia has made.  Russia and now China’s Goal is to drive the US out of the Middle East, and there is a good chance that they will succeed in doing so. Wall Street Journal States that Russia Bombed US-Syrian Base


Rat Race Vs Welfare

Here’s an offer for you: $38,004 per year, tax free.No work required. Apply at your local welfare office.

The federal government funds 126 separate programs targeted towards low-income people, 72 of which provide either cash or in-kind benefits to individuals. (The rest fund community-wide programs for low-income neighbourhoods, with no direct benefits to individuals.) State and local governments operate more welfare programs. Of course, no individual or family gets benefits from all 72 programs, but many do get aid from a number of them at any point in time.

Today, the Cato Institute is releasing a new study looking at the state-by-state value of welfare for a mother with two children. In the Empire State, a family receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, public housing, utility assistance and free commodities (like milk and cheese) would have a package of benefits worth $38,004, the seventh-highest in the nation.

While that might not sound overly generous, remember that welfare benefits aren’t taxed, while wages are. So someone in New York would have to earn more than $21 per hour to be better off than they would be on welfare. That’s more than the average statewide entry-level salary for a teacher. Full Story

Another Study concludes that Welfare Pays better than those stuck in the Rat Race

To assess how welfare compares with finding a job and working 40 hours a week, we must account for the fact that welfare benefits are not taxed, whereas wages are. That means we must calculate the amount of money a welfare recipient receiving these six benefits would have to earn in pre-tax income if that same person took a job and left the welfare rolls. The results are stunning: The value of benefits for a mother and two children ranged from a high of $36,400 in Hawaii to a low of $11,500 in Mississippi.

In 39 states, welfare pays more than an $8-an-hour job. In 16 states, the welfare package is more generous than a $10-an-hour job. In Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, welfare actually pays more than a $12-an-hour job-or 2-1/2 times the minimum wage.

In eight states, welfare pays more than the national average first-year salary for a teacher. In 28 states, welfare is more generous than the starting salary for a secretary. In 46 states, welfare recipients actually make more than full-time janitors. Full Story

Be part of the Rat Race or Opt for Welfare: What’s the Better Deal

the Cato Institute released a new study calculating the state-by-state value of this typical welfare package for a mother with two children participating in seven common welfare programs — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), food stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, housing assistance, WIC, energy assistance (LIHEAP), and free commodities. We found that, in 2013, the value of those benefits varied widely across states, from a low of $16,984 in Mississippi to an astonishing high of $49,175 in Hawaii.

#ad#In nine states — Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maryland — as well as Washington, D.C., annual benefits were worth more than $35,000 a year. The median value of the welfare package across the 50 states is $28,500.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Welfare benefits are not taxed, while wages are, so we calculated how much money a welfare recipient receiving these six benefits would have to earn in pretax income if she took a job and left the welfare rolls. We computed the federal income tax, the state income tax, and the FICA payroll taxes one would have to pay on wage income; we also took into account both federal and state versions of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) as well as child tax credits where available (these helped increase the relative value of work but did not fully offset the taxes due). Full Story


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Just so I understand this and your position fully, who exactly gets the blame for the current economic situation …?

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Guido, our position is that all the problems caused to date in terms of economic chaos, and misery is due to Central bankers. They are the main culprits as they create money out of thin air and use it to rain misery on the populace.

Guido Colacci

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