Portugal Ditches Austerity

Portugal Ditches Austerity

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Portugal Ditches Austerity As Does The Rest of EU

The coronavirus pandemic/hysteria based selling that has crashed markets around the globe and is forcing central bankers to come out with measures that would have once fallen under the realm of science fiction.

“This pandemic is really like a war,” said Maria Demertzis, an economist and deputy director of Bruegel, a research institution in Brussels. “In a war, you do what you have to do.”

The question is what happens when the attack phase gives way to the longer-term project of recovery — whether the extensive deployment of government largess continues, or whether Britain and Europe snap back to their mode of recent decades, casting a wary eye on the ledger books.

“A monumental crisis like this creates the political space to challenge whatever the thinking was before,” said Christian Odendahl, the Berlin-based chief economist at the Center for European Reform. Full story

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Now that we have covered the Portugal Ditches Austerity issue,  take a look at this article as it makes for an interesting read

Misery makes most individuals happy, look at how energetically you can get someone to discuss an unfortunate event, and how few to talk about a peaceful or happy event. Peace and happiness even though everyone claims to be seeking it is not highly sought after, it’s misery,  that everyone gravitates to without knowing it. If you understand this, it is a powerful weapon that you can utilise to improve your life on all frontiers. [/color-box]

For the masses the coming years are going to be both painful and miserable; you, on the other hand, have a choice to join the club or ride solo. Having said that for the individuals that opt for the solo journey, there are going to be an immense number of opportunities that will show up in the months and years to come. Opportunity knocks when you least expect it, and it usually does so under the guise of disaster. How To Find Profit In Chaos & Misery

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