Technical analysis indicators: Change is in the Air

Technical analysis indicators

Technical Analysis Indicators

Updated March 2023

Technical analysis indicators are not foolproof and can lose effectiveness as market conditions change. It’s essential to constantly monitor and evaluate the efficacy of your indicators to ensure they still provide accurate signals. Adapting and finding new tools more relevant to the current market environment is essential when an indicator is no longer functional.

Two Technical Indicators Baltic Dry index and Copper have failed  .

Do or Die

 One cannot fret over this; one has to adapt, bringing one of the essential sayings of the Tactical Investor to mind ” adapt or die”.

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) was a reliable indicator of where the markets were headed. It would often top out or bottom out before the markets did, making it one of the select few technical analysis indicators consistently producing results.

However, this is no longer the case. The BDI, which worked well over the decades, is now useless and probably not good enough to use as toilet paper. It continues to trade at new lows, and the market continues to soar to new highs, proving market manipulation. Rather than fretting over this, it is crucial to adapt. At Tactical Investor, the saying “adapt or die” is essential.

Technical analysis indicators like copper are no longer useful in market analysis

Two Economic Indicators: Comeback Or Burial Time? 

Copper has historically been a reliable indicator of the economy’s direction, but it is no longer as useful due to the changing global economic landscape. The old rules and laws no longer apply as we enter a new phase of the worldwide currency wars. The market is in a state of maximum overdrive, and traders must adapt or die. The markets and copper prices no longer move in lockstep, and traders must be careful not to be misled by traditional indicators.

The current situation requires traders to be open-minded and embrace the new paradigm, even if it is difficult to understand. The market movements are not random but the result of calculated planning by those in power. It is essential to pay attention to the perceptions of others and plan accordingly to come out on top in any given situation.

Technical Analysis: how to make it work for you

 Economists like to take simple concepts and make them complex to hide their ignorance. Sol Palha

It’s a pity that two technical analysis indicators that were once powerful have lost their effectiveness and have become obsolete due to the manipulations in the financial markets. The reality we live in today is distorted, and people tend to believe in data provided by the media rather than trusting their instincts. It’s crucial to understand that people’s perception of the truth is what matters, not necessarily the truth itself.

By understanding their perception, one can plan a course of action that leads to a positive outcome. The Masters of Deception have become more blatant in their efforts, and it’s important to see reality from their eyes to be on top of any situation. Listening to people’s songs can reveal they’re true beliefs, and paying attention to their answers can help uncover their perspective.


While there are certainly cases where complex language is used to obfuscate rather than elucidate, it is also true that some topics are inherently tricky and require a nuanced understanding. Experts in a particular field may use specialized language to communicate more precisely with their peers. Still, it is also essential to communicate effectively with a broader audience. In general, clear and straightforward language is usually preferable, allowing more people to understand and engage with the presented ideas.

Copper Indicator: Comeback Time?


In 2022, copper prices hit record highs, indicating that the global economy was not dire. Instead, it resulted from poor political decisions by world leaders, with the United States policies being a prime example. Despite a brief setback, copper remained steady and surged beyond the 4.50 mark, revealing that issues with inflation and supply were merely symptoms of bad policies.

As a result, copper is gaining momentum and is set to trade past 4.50; this also means that the market will be range-bound for years, posing a challenge for long-term investors who focus on indices. However, this presents an excellent opportunity for traders who can use market psychology and technical analysis to their advantage.

Leading economic indicators are crucial for trading as they provide valuable insights into the future state of the economy, allowing traders to make informed decisions. In conclusion, traders who can effectively use these tools can potentially benefit from the current copper market and make a killing.


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Extracted in part from April 15, 2015, market Update

Two Key Indicators No Longer Work

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