Ted Cruz master Con Man & Master of Lies

Ted Cruz master Con Man & Master of Lies


Anyone with a grain of common sense can see that Ted Cruz is our modern day version of Pinocchio. Pinocchio, at least, told innocent lies, that sadly is not the case with Ted Cruz. He is a serial liar and is willing to do anything to win the nomination. This one development should be enough to ban him from running. Unfortunately, the U.S government is run by Crime Inc and as such they welcome deviants such as  Cruz.  Hence, the only option left is for you the average Joe to resist and stop this dude from moving any further.

Must Read: double dealing Cruz

Politifact has checked a total of 47 statements made by Double Dealing Cruz, a number we feel is set to soar to the moon, and found out one could be rated as being True.   The topic revolved around “toilet seats” a fitting topic for a candidate whose home should a toilet instead of a place in Congrees.

More lies on Fox news

Kelly: [You were] trying to sell it, saying, “I want the bill to pass.”
But—no, no. What I said is, “I want immigration reform to pass.”
You also said the bill.
I didn’t say I want the bill to pass. I promise you.

Seth Myers catches Cruz lying

“The bigger problem for Cruz: This scandal is just the latest in a series of incidents that have given his campaign a reputation for having low ethical standards,” Meyers explained. “As you may remember, Cruz first got that reputation after his campaign spread false information about Ben Carson in Iowa to steal some of Carson’s voters.



Ted Cruz lying on Immigration again



Ted Cruz Flip Flopping, otherwise known as Lying


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