Use Of AI Technologies Growing But Not A Huge Risk To Jobs Yet

Use Of AI Technologies Growing But Not A Huge Risk To Jobs Yet


Use Of AI Technologies Growing

AI will create more jobs than it destroys was the not-so-subtle rebuttal from tech giants to growing concern over the impact of automation technologies on employment. Execs from Google, IBM and Salesforce were questioned about the wider societal implications of their technologies during a panel session here at Mobile World Congress.

“For sure there is some shift in the jobs. There’s lots of jobs which will [be created which don’t exist today]. Think about flight attendant jobs before there was planes and commercial flights. No one could really predict that this job will appear. So there are jobs which will be appearing of that type that are related to the AI,” he said.

“I think the topic is a super important topic. How jobs and AI is related — I don’t think it’s one company or one country which can solve it alone. It’s all together we could think about this topic,” he added. “But it’s really an opportunity, it’s not a threat.”

“From IBM’s perspective, we firmly believe that every profession will be impacted by AI. There’s no question. We also believe that there will be more jobs created,” chimed in Bob Lord, IBM’s chief digital officer. “We also believe that there’ll be more jobs created.

“I firmly believe that augmenting someone’s intelligence is going to get rid of… the mundane jobs. And allow us to rise up a level. That we haven’t been able to do before and solve some really, really hard problems.” Read more


Use Of AI Technologies Growing at a rapid clip

A new report from Paysa suggests automation jobs will put 10,000 people to work, and big companies will spend $650 million on annual salaries to make it happen. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

A 15-hour workweek. That’s what influential economist John Maynard Keynes prophesied in his famous 1930 essay “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren,” forecasting that in the next century technology would make us so productive we wouldn’t know what to do with all our free time.

-This is not the future Keynes imagined.
Automation. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Many experts disagree on what these new technologies will mean for the workforce, the economy and our quality of life. But where they do agree is that technology will change (or completely take over) tasks that humans do now. The most pressing question, many economists and labor historians say, is whether people will have the skills to perform the jobs that are left. Read more


Job cuts are usually the first thing that spring to mind when artificial intelligence is mentioned, but AI can be used by online retailers to save a packet without firing anyone.

The use of machine-learning by retail giants such as Amazon for tailoring websites to reflect consumer tastes is relatively old hat, however, one little-known German e-commerce retailer has taken use of AI technology to a whole new level by forecasting future trends.
Forecasting is one of the emerging areas of automation among retailers and at Otto, the move to AI is already beginning to deliver results.

Research has shown that customers who have to wait more than two days to receive their order are far more likely to return it – forcing the vendor to forgo the sale and swallow the shipping costs.
A lot has been made of the threat to jobs posed by AI, but robots in the workplace also present an opportunity to create new roles for human workers. Read more


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