Ukraine Exposed: Kiev’s Gestapo Government in Action

 Ukraine Exposed: Kiev’s Gestapo Government in Action

From the very start of the Ukraine crisis, Washington’s neoconservative lobby has sought to downplay the less appealing aspects of the government that came to power in Kiev in February. In May, a conventicle of Western intellectuals took place in Kiev under the auspices of the New Republic. They attended a five-day conference called “Ukraine: Thinking Together.” There Leon Wieseltier, then literary editor of TNR, channeled his inner Miniver Cheevy to state that one motive for convening the conference was his “somewhat facile but nonetheless sincere regret at having been born too late to participate in the struggle of Western intellectuals…against the Stalinist assault on democracy in Europe.”

One of the conference’s co-organizers, Yale historian Timothy Snyder, declared that “Ukraine is the European present. We have now reached a point where Ukrainian history and European history are very much the same things, for good or for evil.”

But examples of the new authoritarianism gripping Kiev have become tougher to miss in recent months, so much so that there are signs that perhaps even the Washington establishment is beginning to feel some discomfiture at the actions of its new Ukrainian clients. In September, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry was creating a “Special Service” to, among other things, “get rid of the Russian 5th column in the Ukrainian armed forces.” The Ukrainian defense minister, Valeriy Heletry, said the new service would be based on the Stalin-era SMERSH; it would “expose and dispose of enemy agents.” By some estimates, SMERSH, the Russian-language acronym for “Special Methods of Detecting Spies” sent upwards of 600,000 former Soviet POWs to the Gulag after the war.

In October, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko signed a decree establishing October 14 as an official “Day of Ukrainian Defenders” to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the wartime UPA, the Ukrains’ka Povstans’ka Armiia or Ukrainian Insurrectionist Army. As the historian Halik Kochanski has noted, the UPA worked hand in hand with Poland’s Nazi occupiers, killing, to take but one example, nearly 10,000 Poles over the night of July 11-12, 1943. “A feature of the UPA action,” according to Kochanski, “was its sheer barbarity. They were not content merely to shoot their victims but often tortured them first or desecrated their bodies afterwards.” All of this is well known, yet Poroshenko still took to Twitter to declare: “UPA soldiers—an example of heroism and patriotism to Ukraine.”  Full Story

Another story published on Yahoo USA, so there are some people who are waking up.   Read the full story and see the duplicity of the USA. Prime Minister Yates is out of his mind; he is basically condoning the violent behavior, allowing known extreme elements to gain power in Ukraine.  When you read this article in full, you wonder what is going on in the heads of the politicians back home.  Are they really hell-bent on fighting with Russia, the one nation that can challenge and destroy the USA? Even if it’s mutual self-destruction, Russia has the weapons to take on the U.S.   Additionally one must understand that no nation in over 1000 years has managed to defeat Russia in a land war on their territory.  The Russian mentality is not to start a battle, but when they are pushed to the breaking point, they attack, and they do not stop till the enemy is destroyed. So when you awaken the bear, you should not be surprised if the bear hunts you down. The USA has awakened the bear, and the bear now will not retreat but advance.  Putting Russia in a corner was the wrong strategy.  The US tried this with Russia when they used Georgia to provoke Russia into the five-day war in 2008.  It was Georgia that attacked Russian troops in 2008 and not the other way around and for that, Russia pounded Georgia into the ground.  Russia has been involved in about three wars in the last 15 years, and it did not start even one of them.  In every instance, they reacted to threats, but their response was extremely severe.

The Chechen war from 1999-2009 (an internal war with radical Muslims); Russia bombed the hell out of the capital of Chechnya  (Grozny).The punishment was so severe that it has virtually cut the terror threat from this region to 1/10th of what it was.   The response to the unprovoked attack by Georgia in 2008 was lethal; within five days Russia showed Georgia just how insignificant it was when they decimated the Georgian forces that started the war. It also clearly illustrated that no one would come to help Georgia (despite all the claims that USA and Europe would help if anything happened).  Now we have the Ukraine conflict; a war that was brought about by the West. In each case, we can clearly see that Russia has not started but reacted to events.  Again please check the facts for yourself, Google the right subjects, check the agreements signed, look at who started what, how things went out of control, and so on. In each case, you will find out that the story you have been feed is a bunch of baloney.  

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