Mass Media Exposed: Britain faring better After Brexit

Mass Media Exposed: Britain faring better After Brexit

Mass Media Exposed:

The media and the Central banks ganged up to create a total fictional outlook of the disaster Brits would face after Brexit. Bank of England (Boe) went out of its way to lower rates and increase QE, to justify this rubbish. It turns out that Britain’s economy is faring better. We cover this in more detail in this article titled ”

However, if you are going to learn from history then pay attention to how these vampires use such events to create whatever rubbish they want; as they control the media, the media blasts this rubbish on the airwaves and the masses like silly lemmings buy this nonsense and treat it as if it’s the word of God. They have forgotten that the same trick is used in history over and over again and the outcome is always the same.

Boe tried to make things look so bad, that they cut interest rate for the 1st time in seven years and went on record to warn lenders to pass these savings to potential borrowers.  So before Brexit, the economy was fine, Brits were not complaining at all; if you take the time to examine this logically, you can clearly see that the bankers are full of crap.

Mass Media Exposed: Boogeyman Carney used the Media to create a stir

By stating it was necessary to provide support for the economy due to the  “regime change”.  He has the audacity to classify Brexit in the same category as regime change; only a lunatic or mindless paid bot would come with such a claim. In this regard, Mr Carney is probably a bot that’s has lost its marbles. In other words, you would be better of listening to a pair of monkeys than to this chap.

To add to the scare tactics, the Boe forecasted lower earnings growth and 250,000 job losses and to back this insane assertion the Boe lowered interest rates to 0.25%, the first-rate cut since March 2009.

“There is a clear case for stimulus, and stimulus now, in order to have an effect when the economy really needs it,” Mr Carney stated; to which our response is “yeah right”

The Boe Waffles?

The Boe did not stop there it planned on taking extra measures to tackle this phantom problem of Brexit:

It stated it would add an additional 60 billion pounds of cash into the economy by purchasing bonds, bringing the total QE to 435 billion pounds.

How is this supposed to help the situation when just leaving the Eu was the best economic stimulus Britain could have given itself. The lying bankers have to find a way to justify their lavish salaries, for if the masses understood that these sharks know nothing about economics but only specialize in theft, they would hang the lot of them.

Whittaker agreed, saying: “On the severe near-term economic cooling associated with the post-referendum uncertainty, the Bank can help. But longer-term, our economic performance rests on the post-Brexit picture on trade, competition and – crucially – productivity.

“Influencing those outcomes largely rests with Downing, not Threadneedle, Street,” he said.

Mr Carney and all the other central bankers were caught with their knickers in a knot when

Britain’s manufacturing Activity surges to a 25-year high .  Now we would like to see what these knobs have to say. They will find some rubbish to justify their position; the tragedy is that the masses will swallow this manure as they have done in the past.  Translation; hot money is here to stay and the only way to benefit from this theft is to position yourself to catch the new trends.

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