Freedom & Independence-almost extinct & forgotten concepts

Freedom & Independence-almost extinct & forgotten concepts

Freedom & Independence

We briefly touched this topic in the interim update, and we thought perhaps the title should be a lack of liberty or prisoner. If one compares the America of Yesteryear to the America of today, the landscape is hardly recognisable.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for the most innovative and talented group of individuals AKA small businessman to do what they are good at.  There are so many crappy laws in place that it makes the job of succeeding even more challenging.

We warned that pension’s cuts would come and this would never stop because the trend was down.  Now we see that Congress has voted to reduce pension payments in the riskiest of pension plans. How lovely, we spend billions on wars we do not need nor can afford, but in the beautiful good old USA, the government is quite happy to stab its citizens in the back.   Where is the money coming to support the war in Ukraine, the stupid war in Syria, the mind-numbing idiotic war in Afghanistan, etc.., etc?

Severely distressed multiemployer pensions will be able to reduce benefits paid to retirees under an amendment to the omnibus spending bill approved by the U.S. Senate on Dec. 13, two days after House passage. H.R. 83, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, now goes to the White House for an expected presidential signature.

The pension measure, the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014, was negotiated by a bipartisan group of congressional leaders but opposed by some retiree advocates and their congressional allies. It is intended to let deeply underfunded multiemployer plans avoid bankruptcy and termination, and by doing so to keep solvent the multiemployer pension insurance fund overseen by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC), the federal pension insurance program. Full Story

The next step will be to attack state and city pensions in states that are considered healthy. Watch out NY; the fireman, the garbage collector (normally these chaps have to work 20 years only and get a solid pension. Some are only 40 years old and are collecting pensions north of $5000 a month), city doctors, etc., etc. Neo-cons;  The axe is coming.

The name of the game now by the ZioniNeoconsin in charge

Is to make sure that the two biggest religions fight to the death. Christians and Muslims, if this fight can be maintained, then these crooks can do whatever they want. Think about it for a second, what would happen if the two biggest religions in the world suddenly stopped fighting. Almost every war for the past 20 years has had religious roots.

These guys make money by selling weapons to both sides and by stripping the rights of the citizens in their country.  The biggest mistake the sovereign nations in Europe made was to join the EU.  Now they have strangers in Belgium that are not even democratically elected telling them what to and how to do it.

There is not sovereignty, its slavery.    The current problems facing the EU are all due to the fact that the governments of each nation that is part of the EU sold them out.  Look at Nigel Farrage from the UKIP party in England address this issue. The head of the EU Von Rompuy was never elected, he was just appointed. And this non-appointed head gets to decide what laws are passed.

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