Millennials Would Work For Less With Socially Responsible Company


Socially Responsible Company

Socially Responsible Company

Nearly 70% of millennials stated that they would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company. In other words work for less money, as long as they felt that they were doing something to help the environment.  In 2016, 65% of millennials voted in the same manner, so the trend is gathering momentum.


Millennials working for a Socially Responsible Company

This video clearly illustrates that while some millennials are lazy. It also shows that many are not and in most cases, they are misunderstood and miscategorized. One cannot make general accusations against a whole group of individuals just because a subset of the population is behaving badly.  The economy is terrible; in fact, there is no economic recovery. All we have is an illusion of one and this illusion is maintained via taking on more debt; this only makes things worse as it rewards those who already have money.  The primary benefactors of this hot money are the financial markets and you can bet your bottom dollar that a large percentage of millennials are not actively involved with the financial markets.


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