The Prudent Investor: Prioritizing Trends Over Speculation

Navigating Market Trends: Insights for Prudent Investors

Prudent Investor: A Confluence of Factors Advising Caution in the Markets

Sept 10, 2023

There are numerous ways one can become a prudent investor. However, we suspect the main differentiating factor between a prudent investor and one who is not is their mastery of the art of patience and discipline. Furthermore, the truly advanced investor will take the time to comprehend the fundamental principles of Mass Psychology and endeavour to grasp the basics of Technical Analysis.

While many assert that the markets are on the brink of a crash, we believe they are more likely to release a well-deserved dose of steam before the Nasdaq 100 or SPX attempt to reach new highs.

Market Snapshot: Bullish Sentiment and Economic Signals

– Bullish sentiment is almost at 55.

A concerning trend persists as 34 world economies exhibit inverted yield curves, signalling underlying issues. This, coupled with the reflection in the Baltic Dry Index, suggests that all is not well. In the short term, this situation implies increased volatility and the potential for chaos. However, for a long time, it pressured the Federal Reserve to either adopt the “Print baby Print” approach or face dire consequences.

– The hype around LLM models is dying as they are not as infallible as previously portrayed.

– Michigan consumer sentiment reading for July is 72.6, the highest since Sept 2021.

– CNN Fear Greed index is in the extreme greed section.

– The Anxiety gauge is in the middle of the “moderate zone” and may move to the mild zone.

– The McClellan Summation index reading is close to 2000, indicating extreme greed.

– Market Momentum for Nasdaq and SP500 indicates extreme greed.

– Smart money is moving from Tech to Industrials, commodities, and healthcare.

The put-call ratio is meagre.

While these factors may not appear significant individually, it is crucial to exercise caution when considering their combined impact alongside Mass Psychology. If you are heavily invested in the few stocks that powered the AI mania, it would be prudent to consider scaling back on many of these plays.

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The Prudent Investor’s Guide: Crafting Your Personalized Path to Market Success

Building a tailored strategy for market success is a pivotal step in the journey from novice to knowledgeable. All too often, novice and experienced investors fall into the trap of failing to educate themselves adequately. Mere absorption of superficial news or blind adherence to others’ trading ideas seldom leads to meaningful growth. It is vital to recognize that what proves effective for one investor may not align with your unique risk profile, mindset, and discipline, making developing a personalized strategy imperative.

While integrating insights from accomplished traders into your approach can be advantageous, mimicking their every move is risky and can ultimately result in losses. Simplicity and a focus on the fundamentals are critical, especially for novice traders taking their first steps. Start by identifying market trends, analyzing long-term patterns, and gaining a comprehensive grasp of market performance and direction. This knowledge empowers investors to make informed decisions grounded in analysis rather than relying on guesswork or unverified advice.

In trend analysis, it is prudent to closely monitor V readings, as illustrated in the accompanying image. These readings serve as valuable market volatility indicators, enabling investors to anticipate potential shifts. Even when the current market appears to be scaling new heights, maintaining a vigilant watch over the trend and being attuned to signs of stability or decline remains essential.

Remember, the key to success lies in developing your personalized strategy. Dedicate time to learning, adaptability, and growth. By doing so, you will chart a course toward achieving your financial objectives in the markets as a prudent investor who crafts their path to success.


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Prudent Investor:  Sentiment Commentary

The Russell 2000 has lacked the momentum to revisit the 2003 range, and the weekly MACDs suggest it is poised to align with other indices like the NDX, SPY, and the Dow. If there is a weekly close at or below 1830, a test of the 1700 range is likely.

While specific indices, such as the NDX and Dow (due to possible higher-risk patterns), might undergo more pronounced pullbacks, an overall market crash is not anticipated. These pullbacks should be viewed as opportunities. Low to medium-risk investors should only allocate the stated amount of funds to the plays listed in the pending plays section, preferably to low and medium-risk candidates.

Bullish sentiment has swiftly retreated for two consecutive weeks, dipping below its historical average of 38.5. However, the most recent reading, standing at 44, suggests that the crowd is now uncertain and influenced by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This compels individuals to chase the market at the first sign of a potential reversal. Such behaviour is typically observed near market peaks.

For a more significant correction, often referred to as a crash, to be in the making, the bullish sentiment would need to surge to the 60 mark and then remain above 55 for at least two weeks.


In the world of finance, history often serves as an invaluable guide. As we examine current market conditions, echoes of the 2008-2009 financial crisis and the turbulent 1970s reverberate through our analysis. In such environments, mass psychology finds fertile ground to exert its influence.

One striking observation in the contemporary financial landscape is the Russell 2000’s performance. This small-cap index has shown signs of having more room to rally, a trend mirroring the overbought levels witnessed in the Nasdaq and S&P 500. What’s particularly intriguing is the potential for non-tech and smaller companies to lead the charge in the upcoming market upswing.

Yet, as we delve deeper into the market’s dynamics, we must acknowledge the shifting tides of sentiment. Sentiment indicators are gradually reverting to normal levels, signifying a pivotal shift. Mass psychology will reenter this new phase, potentially overshadowing the significance of technical and fundamental analyses. We are entering a period of market dissonance, favouring contrarian investing strategies that can capitalize on the unpredictable sway of the crowd.

In conclusion, the current financial landscape offers a compelling mix of historical echoes and emerging trends. Understanding the interplay between mass psychology, market sentiment, and traditional investment analyses is vital to navigating the uncertainties ahead. Prudent investors are well-advised to watch the Russell 2000, explore opportunities beyond the tech giants, and embrace a contrarian mindset as they strive to make informed decisions in these complex times.

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