Lavrov Scolding Reporter: Andrea Mitchell for bad manners

Lavrov Scolding reporter: The victim is a NBC reporter

Lavrov Scolding Reporter Andrea Mitchell

It seems with the passage of each day; the liberal news media finds more and more ways to shame itself. Andrea Mitchell is the latest star to join the pack of self-proclaimed, all-knowing scoundrels. However, she failed to consider that the Russians have no patience to deal with loud-mouthed brats, and she found this out the hard way.

The video below illustrates Lavrov putting Andrea Mitchell in her place. This is a welcome sight for sore eyes as it suggests that the world at large is sick and tired of liberals in the US trying to push their twisted propaganda, sorry, force their ideologically twisted propaganda down the throats of their viewers.

An excerpt of the exchange of  Lavrov Scolding Reporter

“How confident are you, Mr. Secretary . . .,” Mitchell said loudly, just as a sit-down meeting was beginning. Before she could finish her question, Lavrov pounced.

“Who was bringing you up?” he asked in broken English, in reference to how Mitchell was raised.

“Who was giving you your manners?” Lavrov added, grinning.

On Thursday, Mitchell said she most likely wasn’t the target of Lavrov’s wrath.

“My colleague Carol Morello was the brave journalist who started asking questions. Lavrov was looking right at her. I was on the opposite side of the room, behind him, out of sight. Perhaps I was a convenient foil, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t his target,” she said.

Mitchell, we are sorry to be the bearers of bad news but Lavrov was addressing you and only you. Only an arrogant, self-absorbed, rude person would start screaming questions at state representatives. You could have waited for the individuals to sit down and then politely asked your questions. Instead, you cry like some uneducated woman selling fish in a bazaar. Don’t try to deflect the point of focus; you are the point of focus. Hopefully, this encounter teaches you something; otherwise, you should be assigned to a desk job.


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