Another Name for Fake News Is Misinformation

Fake news is misinformation and used to be termed as Gossip in the old days Fake News Is Misinformation

Misinformation wars have been going on forever

Another name for fake news is misinformation, and you can see that everywhere you go, so the fake news phenomenon is nothing new. It has just taken on a new name. Its first name was Gossip, and then it took various names over the years, that has now evolved into fake news. Everyone will be taken in by some fake news sooner or later. That is not the point; the point is your reaction; will you become emotional and overreact as the manipulators want you too.  To provide a solution the manipulators first need to create a problem; the solution to fake news is going to be less freedom, and sadly many will embrace this useless solution.

If you fall for one of these stories, you should simply laugh it off. This is why we emphasise the observer’s perspective; observers do not react, they observe and then with a cool head they formulate a plan. Emotional individuals leap, and then they scream bloody murder when they find out they have landed in a pit full of vipers. Don’t take the news seriously as its Gossip on steroids for the most part.  The loud-mouthed lady of yesteryear has been replaced with a turbocharged mouth that has far more reach, but it can only affect you if you let it affect you. Look at the news in aggregate and focus on the trends.  Don’t fixate on a story for that is like concentrating on a tree and forgetting that it is part of a forest.

Fake News Is Misinformation on steroids; all you need is common sense to see through it

 Fake News Is Misinformation for people with common sense

The problem is not fake news it is stupid people who fall for pure rubbish.  Public education has helped produced a generation of zombies, who can’t think for themselves, they want everything delivered in sound bites. Instead of spending a few minutes vetting these stories, these zombies assume it’s the gospel truth and then they react.  This is exactly what the top players wanted; a bunch of cattle that are easy to manipulate. When you can manipulate someone you can control them

Random thoughts on Misinformation from the Tactical Investor

If you seek freedom, the 1st task is to attain financial freedom so that you can break free the clutches of the top players who strive to enslave you. They want you to run in a circle like a hamster that runs on a spinning wheel; the hamster thinks the faster it runs the further it will go, but sadly it is going nowhere.

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