Be wary-VPNs are purposely leaking your IP address & personal data

VPN's are leaking Personal Data

VPN’s are leaking Personal Data

Many companies state that they will protect you, but when we tested them we found out that many of them purposely leak just enough data out to enable your IP to be detected. Your IP address in a way is like you SS number or credit card number; you have the right to hide it if you want to.  If you are being charged for this service and the company is still leaking your data, they are essentially ripping you off.

First, you need to find your real IP go before you turn your VPN on so that you know what your true IP is. When you type the above address this is what you will see.

VPN's are leaking Personal Data - how to stop it


The next step is to go to this website  In a few seconds, you will be able to tell if the VPN you are using is hiding your IP or not. It is best to set the VPN to a location that is not close to you, this way you will be able to tell how well the VPN works when you test it.

How to Check if VPN's are leaking Personal Data

If your IP is not leaking any data then your IP address will not show up and neither will your DNS address. As you can see in this case we have something called WebRTC enabled and this prevents VPNs from purposely leaking data.

How to protect yourself if your VPN’s are leaking Personal Data

If you see your IP address above after you have enabled your VPN, then the first thing you need to do is download a WebRTC limiter. For simplicity, we are going to assume you are using chrome, so you will go to the chrome web store and in the search box you will type WebRTC. If you are using another browser just go to the extension page and type the WebRTC and a list of apps will show up.

VPN's are leaking Personal Data; Take these precautions

We like number one and number 3 and as of late, number 3 seems to work the best. However, you can download all 3 and enable one at a time to see which one works best for you.

Find a Good VPN to protect your IP address and personal data

VPN's are leaking Personal Data; Be wary

The best VPN we have found to date is one from HMA; it’s not free but if you take a yearly subscription the rate is roughly$6.80 a month and they provide you with an incredible array of options.  This is what they state on their site and we have used this service and personally, we think it offers the best bang for your buck. The servers are fast and they have locations in almost every country you could think of.

We have 850+ VPN servers in 340+ locations in 190+ countries around the world – offering faster connections and wider access to restricted sites around the world than other VPN providers. And we offer over 110000+ IP addresses – the codes from which internet snoopers can deduce a computer’s geographical location. Keep changing between them, and you need never appear in the same place for long.  Try HMA VPN Service 

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