Freedom from religion; the observer’s perspective

freedom from religion

Freedom from religion: most individuals are quick to judge 

The observer looks at the whole religious issue from an entirely different angle. The first thing to do is to find the correct premise. So here are some of the right premises. We are not going to provide answers to all the premises; you can figure some of them on your own.

Does anyone stand to benefit from this situation? The answer is yes

Have politics and religion combined to control the masses? The answer is yes

Was the situation created by the very same individuals indirectly pushing for the label radical Islam? The answer would be yes.

Religious doctrine behind all Regime Change Attacks

If the US had not attempted regime changes in Iraq, Libya and Syria, there would be no refugee problem. So by logic Bush and Obama could be classified as the top of the terrorist pyramid and those pulling Obama’s and Bush’s strings are the king of all the terrorists.  However, notice how smart the manipulators are, they created the problem, and now they are redirecting the masses to focus on the wrong targets. Yes, the radicals are doing some terrible deeds, but the real question is who created the atmosphere for them. Very few have freedom from religion, you are not a Catholic or Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc, you are born into it and forced to take on the beliefs of your family.

If there really was freedom from religion, families would wait until their children are at an age where they could choose what religious order they wanted to follow, but alas this type of thinking falls under the category of “wishful”. We live in a world, where you think you are free and you are free as long as you don’t cross certain lines.

Not only did the top players create the problem, they purposely did not instal a secure vetting system as they wanted to allow radical elements into these countries.  With one stroke they have redirected the masses focus, now the masses will focus on the radical element and forget the most radical element of all is their current leaders.  This is how the top players manipulate the masses. You have learned something valuable. Keep a cool head, observe, and when you do so with a cool head, you can see things that the masses will never be able to see. To the top players, this is all a game, and the masses are nothing but cannon fodder.

Freedom from religion; the conclusion

Be wary of the angle the press forces to you observe the situation from; there would be no refugee problem if the US with the backing of Europe did not attempt to overthrow governments in the Middle East. Therefore the real terrorists are in your back yard, and yet these crooks (the actual terrorists) have managed to convince the masses that the real terrorists are elsewhere. Do you think Syrians would leave their home to go to Europe if the situation was stable? Before the war, Syria was stable and thriving. Sure Assad was not the best guy, but any Syrian would give his right hand and leg to go back to the old days. The same applies to Iraq and Libya.

The Dangers of Religion can be neutralised by taking the observers perspective

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