Immigrant Database Failure Leads to Citizenship

 Immigration Database Failure Leads to Citizenship

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

 Immigrant Database Failure Leads to Citizenship Approval of Potentially Dangerous Immigrants

The Obama administration revealed that 175 immigrants had been granted citizenship without the necessary FBI name checks. This error could have led to the approval of immigrants who were not eligible for naturalization. This issue impacted roughly 15,000 applications in total, resulting in the government suspending all naturalization ceremonies already in the pipeline and prohibiting USCIS officers from approving new citizenship applications.

The root of the issue was a computer code problem, which Homeland Security officials have placed blame on. Earlier this year, USCIS admitted to allowing hundreds of criminals to become citizens because the agency failed to check their fingerprints properly. The failure of the immigration database led to the approval of potentially dangerous individuals. Source

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