What To Expect From Trump in 2017?

Trump in 2017

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Before we get to the article at hand many might ask why we cover political and health issues when our main focus in the stock markets and the financial arena.  The short and simple answer is that all these fields are connected; we don’t have free market forces anymore. Everything is manipulated; from the food you eat to data you are provided.  If you are aware of this you can plan accordingly. Identifying the problem is over 80% of the solution and this is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem. Now you know why we are the only financial website that covers such a wide array of topics that on the surface appear to be unrelated but are in fact, deeply interwoven.  Mass psychology is a very powerful tool and if employed correctly can help you spot the grotesque levels of manipulation the masses are subjected to. We strongly suggest that you view or read or view Plato’s allegory of the cave.  You might also find the following article to be of interest:

Since the markets bottomed in 2009, one naysayer after another has penned many an obituary for this market. Alas, all those obituaries were based on fantasy and false perceptions; the bull is alive and kicking while many of those experts are either bankrupt or have bankrupted their clients several times over. We repeatedly stated over the years that the era of low interest fostered an environment that favoured speculation over hard work. This is why so may companies have opted to be boosts EPS via share buyback programs. Why work, when through the magic of accounting you can create the impression of growth when there is none. All is well, and when it ends, only the workers and the masses will lose for the corporate wenches will walk away with bloated accounts. Stock Market Bulls-Stock Market fools-Market Crash next or is this just an Illusion

President-elect Donald Trump will have, if his campaign promises are to be believed, a very busy first day in office. He has pledged a slew of ambitious actions right out of the gate, including overturning a bevy of President Barack Obama’s executive orders, tearing up trade deals, overturning domestic regulations on energy and the environment, deporting undocumented immigrants, and, of course, repealing the Affordable Care Act.

That doesn’t mean all those actions will be taken on Friday, Jan. 20, after his swearing-in; Trump has talked of Monday as his first big day, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence speaks of implementing the campaign pledges over a period of weeks. And just one day before he takes office, Trump and his team have kept their planned actions very close to the chest or are still deciding just what to do: Few Republican leaders in Washington have an inkling of what is in store.

But what seems clear is that President Trump, once he sits behind the Resolute desk, will have the ability to quickly reshape huge chunks of Obama’s foreign-policy legacy. Here are some key areas to keep an eye on, exploring what policies Trump is expected to enact — and those pledges he is unlikely to be able to fulfill right away.

The war on terror

Trump and his national security team say fighting Islamic extremists is its top foreign-policy priority, and the new administration is eager to take action to give the military more authority… Full Story

President Donald Trump is unlikely to change China’s stance on North Korea when he visits Beijing this week, but he could well make some headway on trade deals between the two countries.

When Trump arrives in the capital Wednesday, he’ll be meeting his Chinese counterpart possibly at the height of Xi Jinping’s power. After the Communist Party Congress in October — when Xi consolidated his power base — the Chinese president has been projecting himself as a steady, stable leader with a set vision for the nation. Trump will be negotiating with China’s most powerful leader in decades.

Addressing the trade imbalance
On the economy, Trump is expected to focus on the trade imbalance. After July’s Comprehensive Economic Dialogue (an annual economic dialogue session in Washington), both countries expressed their interest in narrowing the U.S.’s trade deficit with China.

On the Chinese leg of his 12-day Asia visit, Trump will likely announce billions of dollars in deals to address the gap.

Based on the business delegation traveling with the U.S. president, the deals will likely center on China buying American energy and farm products, as well as aircraft and other machinery. Chief executives on his trip include those from Boeing, Cheniere Energy, Texas LNG Brownville, DowDuPont, and the U.S. Soybean Export Council. Full Story

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