Muslim Crisis in Sweden

Muslim Crisis in Sweden


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Muslim Crisis in Sweden: The Rise of Sweden Democrats

How about a great, random article to get the mood started before jumping into the topic at hand.  Let’s look at the data, according to the chart below, global trading volume is declining but does that mean its time to head for the hills and panic. At the Tactical Investor, we view any potential disaster as an opportunity in the making. However, let’s continue looking at the data. The volume of global trade has declined since 2018; in fact, It has declined by roughly 5.5% to be precise.  So, is that cause for concern. If you focus on what the experts and mass media have to say, they would both have you believe that the sky is falling, but the stock market does not seem to be buying this narrative.

One of the reasons for this decline is all but obvious; its due to Trump’s trade war with China and the second reason is the growing awareness among the citizens of sovereign nations that globalization is not as great as it was made out to be.  The Brexit vote is a clear confirmation of this trend; citizens are demanding control over their borders. Global Trading Volume is Declining & It’s A Non Event

Historically, Sweden has been a generous safe haven for refugees. Of all the countries featured in this Brookings project, it has taken in the most refugees per capita, and is third in the world on this measure behind Canada and Australia.[1] In 2015, Sweden had a record-high of 162,877 applications for asylum, primarily from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan—or about 1.6 percent of Sweden’s population of 10 million.[2]

This would be proportionally equivalent to over five million people applying for asylum in the United States, which in fact only received approximately 83,000 asylum applications that year.

For a country like Sweden that has grown increasingly secular over recent decades, the influx of Muslims from war-torn countries has greatly impacted politics and society.

The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), a right-wing populist party once politically verboten because of ties to neo-Nazis at its founding in 1988, is now the third largest party in the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament.

Islam, Populism and the End of Swedish Exceptionalism

It has effectively fashioned a narrative linking the surge of predominantly Muslim immigrants to a perception of an uptick in violent crimes and perceived strains on the prized Swedish welfare system. Swedes who are disgruntled by “the establishment” response to these concerns, especially regarding sociocultural issues,[4] are attracted to the populist refrain of the Sweden Democrats: “We say what you think.”[5]

Unsurprisingly, the Sweden Democrats’ primary talking point is to specifically halt asylum immigration, which is predominantly Muslim. This case study offers insight into why Swedes are joining the Sweden Democrats and the connection Full Story


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