Medvedev states Merkel’s immigrant policy quite simply stupid

Medvedev states Merkel’s immigrant policy quite simply stupid

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We agree quite wholeheartedly and are surprised it took someone of authority this long to say something more definitive than Merkel it was not a smart idea to open the floodgates of refugees to Europe.  “It’s quite simply stupid to open Europe’s doors wide and invite in everyone who wants to come to your country,”  stated Medvedev in an interview with the economic daily Handelsblatt. [/color-box]

He went on to state that “European migration policy is a total failure, all that is absolutely frightening,”

Grandma Merkel must have certainly lost her mind if not more by opening Europe to terrorists who are entering Europe under the guise of Refugees.  Normal Citizens of Europe are outraged that she allowed over 1.1 million asylum seekers in.  The reward more than 1000 cases of sexual molestation on New years eve, rapes of young children in refugee camps, old women getting molested and the surge in rape cases in every European nation that opened its gates to these deranged refuges.  Not all immigrants are bad, but there has to be a system in place to get immigrants that can contribute to the society and do not have radical views. To do this, a system is necessary that slowly filters and processes each application and not one that is forced to deal with thousands and thousands of applicants on a daily basis.

Medvedev seems to agree with this assessment, he stressed he would like to help refugees that are fleeing from war-torn zones, but stated that “among these people, there are also many, perhaps hundreds, or even thousands, of thugs who have come to Europe on a ‘countdown mission’. Now they wait to be called and then they will act like robots”.  By acting like robots, he means that they will do something against Europe when given the order by their handlers.

Now that discontent is rising both in Germany and across Europe Genius Merkel is trying to shift her stance and indicate that she will take on a more tough stand against refugees. The only way to deal with the problem is to take a tough stance against the USA.  The U.S started this fight, and they are the biggest terrorist of the whole pack. The U.S government, not the  US citizens who are being worked to death to pay for their bills, so they have no time to think beyond putting food on the table and making ends meet.

Our religious provocation index warned of these wars almost 11 years ago. It predicted the Israel going to war with Hezbollah in 2006, the Arab springs, etc. In fact; it has been incredibly accurate in predicting the rise in worldwide violence.

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The solution is first would be to get the U.S. out of Syria so that the country can stabilise, this, in turn, will mean fewer people are trying to flee from Syria. This will cut down the number of individuals able to pose as Syrians and try to fake their way into Europe. Right now because of the chaos in the country, it is easy for these outside terrorists to get hold of fake Syrian passports.

Implement tough entrance requirements and tough laws that will expel individual immediately if they are found guilty of committing an act of violence or promoting violence in the country.  Low IQ individuals should be banned from Europe. It is low IQ individuals that are easily manipulated and driven to despicable deeds. [/color-box]

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