Medvedev states Merkel’s immigration policy Is Idiotic

immigration policy

EU Immigration Policy is Broken

We agree quite wholeheartedly and are surprised it took someone of authority this long to say something more definitive than Merkel it was not a smart idea to open the floodgates of refugees to Europe.  “It’s quite simply stupid to open Europe’s doors wide and invite in everyone who wants to come to your country,”  stated Medvedev in an interview with the economic daily Handelsblatt.

He went on to state that “European migration policy is a total failure, all that is absolutely frightening,”

Grandma Merkel must have certainly lost her mind if not more by opening Europe to terrorists who are entering Europe under the guise of Refugees.  Normal Citizens of Europe are outraged that she allowed over 1.1 million asylum seekers in.  The reward more than 1000 cases of sexual molestation on New years eve, rapes of young children in refugee camps, old women getting molested and the surge in rape cases in every European nation that opened its gates to these deranged refuges.

Not all immigrants are bad, but there has to be a system in place to get immigrants that can contribute to society and do not have radical views. To do this, a system is necessary that slowly filters and processes each application and not one that is forced to deal with thousands and thousands of applicants on a daily basis. The EU’s current immigrant policy does not have any built-in checks, so anyone claiming persecution can hop into the EU.

Medvedev concurs that the current immigration policy is a failure

He stressed he would like to help refugees that are fleeing from war-torn zones, but stated that “among these people, there are also many, perhaps hundreds, or even thousands, of thugs who have come to Europe on a ‘countdown mission’. Now they wait to be called and then they will act like robots”.  By acting like robots, he means that they will do something against Europe when given the order by their handlers.  There has to be a better immigration policy and there is.  One simply needs to put in some common-sense filters instead of importing every Tom, Dick and Harry, without vetting the candidates properly.

Now that discontent is rising both in Germany and across Europe Genius Merkel is trying to shift her stance and indicate that she will take on a more tough stand against refugees. The only way to deal with the problem is to take a tough stance against the USA.  The U.S started this fight, and they are the biggest terrorist of the whole pack. The U.S government, not the  US citizens who are being worked to death to pay for their bills, so they have no time to think beyond putting food on the table and making ends meet.

Our religious provocation index warned of these wars almost 11 years ago. It predicted Israel going to war with Hezbollah in 2006, the Arab springs, etc. In fact; it has been incredibly accurate in predicting the rise in worldwide violence.

Today’s Immigration policy needs to Change

The solution is first would be to get the U.S. out of Syria so that the country can stabilise, this, in turn, will mean fewer people are trying to flee from Syria. This will cut down the number of individuals able to pose as Syrians and try to fake their way into Europe. Right now because of the chaos in the country, it is easy for these outside terrorists to get hold of fake Syrian passports.

Implement tough entrance requirements and tough laws that will expel individual immediately if they are found guilty of committing an act of violence or promoting violence in the country.  Low IQ individuals should be banned from Europe. It is low IQ individuals that are easily manipulated and driven to despicable deeds.

Bloomberg’s take on EU Immigration Policy

The EU has been struggling to deal with an inflow of migrants from across the Mediterranean Sea. Southern European countries, especially Italy and Malta, have spent heavily on rescuing people at sea and processing refugees. The job falls to them because of a controversial rule — the so-called Dublin regulation — which says that asylum applications should generally be handled by the country of entry.

The new agreement takes several small steps. Leaders said they’d set up “controlled centres” across the EU to process migrants, but only on a voluntary basis — suggesting that Italy should expect little relief. The plan also talks of exploring whether centres could be set up outside the EU, most likely in the north and west Africa — but again that calls for volunteers. Crucially, Europe did nothing to revise the Dublin agreement; in fact, the leaders agreed that any changes to that accord would require consensus, giving a veto to hard-line governments such as Hungary’s. Full Story

Politico weighs in on EU’s New Immigrant Policy

The European Union’s latest attempt to bring in new rules on migration has all-but failed. While one of the near-fatal blows was to be expected — the new populist government in Italy — another came from an unusual source: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who adopted an open-door refugee policy during the crisis of 2015.

On Tuesday, EU interior ministers will meet in Luxembourg to discuss the issue. The hope for those pushing for reform is for an agreement to be struck by EU leaders at a summit in Brussels at the end of this month.

The new Italian government has only just taken office but already made clear its opposition to a plan drawn up by Bulgaria, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU until the end of June. Full Story

How Germany’s Policy is failing the very people trying to enforce it

When German Federal Police officers talk about what it’s like to accompany a migrant on a deportation flight, it’s easy to feel a sense of shame for this country’s immigration apparatus. The officers, who are regularly attacked on the job, share how they’re often spit on with blood or pelted with feces. A meager 1.20 euros ($1.36) a day is meant to offset the cost of general wear and tear for the suits they are expected to buy themselves — and have to wear during deportation flights. Their employer will only pay for laundering “if the clothing has been particularly dirtied (blood/saliva/urine) while at work.”

There’s more: The cost of onboard meals is taken out of the officers’ daily travel allowances, which are already negligible. After the officers return from, say, an exhausting 72-hour trip to Asia or Africa, they must then painstakingly log their work hours. Several people told DER SPIEGEL the hours they spent flying home weren’t even counted as “work time,” since their superiors considered them to be “travel time.” Sometimes the officers are forced to put in 20 to 30-hour shifts before even seeing a cheap hotel bed. “When we’re in Afghanistan, standing around waiting for the next thing to happen, sometimes they’ll deduct that time from my hours as a break,” says one Federal Police office Full Story

EU’s Immigration Policy fuelling the rise of the Right

The European Union risks a populist-nationalist “nightmare” by the middle of the next decade unless centrists can win greater public backing for the European cause, the liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt has said.

Elections this May could herald a big shake-up of the European parliament. The duopoly of centre-right and centre-left is expected to lose its majority for the first time in 40 years of direct elections although Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (La REM) is expected to win seats for the first time, boosting liberal forces.

In an interview with the Guardian and five continental papers, the former Belgian prime minister said the EU needed an overhaul – managing the eurozone, migration and common defence – if it was to gain greater public support.

“Nothing is eternal. Nothing. Not all political institutions are eternal. To reform is a duty that we have … and if we fail, then the tragedy, the nightmare will become reality,” he said. Full Story

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