Market Crash 2020: Unraveling a Manufactured Crisis


Market Crash 2020 Or Is This A Manufactured Crisis?

Market Crash 2020 or Hogwash

The image of the V-indicator (above)illustrates just how severe the surge of 999 points is, in case you missed the change. The first is now coloured in red, indicating that one should be ready to expect an all-out surge in violence, extreme market volatilely (most of the action will be to the upside), unpredictable and in some cases unbelievable action both in and out of the markets.  Expect the crowd to act insane, and this will be especially true in North America and most of Western Europe. The action will be muted in Eastern Europe, most of South America. There will be almost no fallout in Asia other than the looming confrontation between China and the USA and, eventually, the rest of the Western world.

In this environment of chaos and disorder, it is so effortless to give in or give up If one allows the noise to filter in. If one examines the situation with ordinary eyes, nothing makes sense, and it appears that the most natural thing in the world would be to throw the towel in, and that is (precisely) what the big players want the masses to do. For the record don’t confuse rich players with astute players; many of the so-called top sharks are nothing but fat Tuna, and they are going to be stripped to pieces by piranhas with very sharp teeth. Rich players are overweight pigs waiting for their day in the slaughterhouse.

COVID and The Fake Market Crash of 2020

COVID or whatever other chaotic events that shadow this pandemic (and there will be more) are part of the planned demand destruction process. The very top players you never hear of are outstanding trend players, and they, unfortunately, understand the concept of Mass Psychology only too well. They know exactly what needs to be done to make the masses feel that what’s occurring is inevitable. One of the best ways to rob a man is to make him believe he only has a set of given choices and to make him choose from the ones you have given him. All those options by design lead to an adverse outcome, but it creates the illusion of choice, and that’s all the masses need to feel empowered.

The way out of this loop is to look outside the presented options. How do you do this? First, you never accept anything being pushed out by the media. The media’s only function is to create a false narrative for the masses, and once the masses accept this narrative as the word of God, it’s game over. The groups have no choice; they just have the illusion of choice. Similarly, the Fed’s sole purpose is not to help stabilise the economy but to sow the seeds of destruction for the next bubble.

Elite players are going to use Mass Media to con the Masses

The attack against the masses will be brutal, so be prepared to deal with tremendous negativity and projections/predictions that border on the insane.

The majority of office and factory workers are often unaware of their enslavement, focused solely on improving their conditions within the confines of their work. Their dreams revolve around small pleasures and modest advancements, never considering a revolt against the concept of work itself. However, Hugh was different. He despised the idea of being enslaved by work, viewing it as a divine punishment. He felt the suffocating grip of this system and had no interest in embellishing his enslavement or seeking superficial distractions..

The masse mindset hopes for a Better Tomorrow but Does nothing

 That’s the mass mindset for you, always hoping for a brighter tomorrow but never actually doing anything to make that tomorrow come to fruition. They hope, pray, rant and rave but never do anything that will change the outcome.  Pluto’s allegory of the cave summarises the mass mindset quite aptly

The markets are finally pulling back, so don’t let the opportunity go to waste.  As stated in this new paradigm, sharp pullbacks equate to buying opportunities.  Hence, don’t throw this opportunity into the toilet. Don’t act like the crowd always praying for a chance, but when the opportunity arrives, they view it as a disaster, so the never-ending cycle of misery and false hope continues.

To become a better trader, one needs to know oneself and not try to act like another. If you try to emulate another person, the real you will wither and disappear, and you will need the other person forever. Your eyes will only see what they are directed to see. In other words, a glorified blind man. 

This is why the masses are destined by design to repeat history forever. They look but don’t see, hear but don’t understand, and think but can’t formulate a single original thought; one would be almost tempted to call them the “living dead”.  Market Update May 24, 2020

As stated in the last update, the Fed and its friends would do whatever it took to create the impression that shorting the market is a recipe for disaster. The idea as we stated, was and is to force every Tom, Dick and Harry to embrace this bull. Interim Update June 17 2020


The correction took much longer, and we have what appears to be a rolling type of correction. The markets are drifting lower, which gives the naysayers the courage to conjure “pie in the sky” scenarios.  Now they will talk about the terrible job numbers, the fact that markets have not priced in a Biden win, and the rising number of COVID cases. However, they will purposely withhold pertinent data; for example, the numbers are rising because more people are getting tested while the death rate is declining. But the Media will go out of its way to provide enough fodder for conspiracy fans to conjure all sorts of fantastic theories.

As sentiment is still negative, we expect this correction to be short-lived, so embrace all pullbacks,

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