Mind Control Techniques & Pensioners forced to Speculate

Crowd Control market Manipulation & Pensioners forced to Speculate

Mind Control Techniques

Mind Control Techniques

Updated Jan 2023

The masses made no noise when central bankers started to flood the system with hot money and are still quiet, so why would the banks stop?  The big players will make trillions of dollars and still stand to make before this game is over. We are in the race to the bottom, and once a race starts, you can’t stop it. So expect the negative rate experiment to be continued, and this will continue until 90% of savers turn into speculators.

Cathy Berger, a 55-year-old Nassau County, New York resident who serves as the development director at the Queen’s Chamber of Commerce, shared her investment experience leading up to the financial crisis. During that time, she allocated a significant portion of her savings to certificates of deposit, which provided her with an annual interest rate of up to 8%. However, as interest rates declined, she shifted some of her savings into high-dividend stocks. Unfortunately, recent turbulence in the financial markets has put pressure on these stocks, leaving Ms Berger feeling the impact.

Reflecting on the current situation, she expressed her frustration with the volatility of the markets, stating that earning any substantial income from her investments has become nearly impossible.  Full Story

Mind Control Techniques: Negative Rates Force Savers To Speculate

Negative rates are already pushing Managers of Pension funds into a tight corner; soon, there will be nowhere to go. Pension funds typically invest in bonds, but bonds are paying such miserly rates that you can’t call it investing anymore. You have to call it charity.

At some point, these pension funds will be forced to speculate; you will hear casual mention of this at first, and then it will be blasted everywhere. When you hear the first whisper, please take it as a secret signal that the market will explode upwards instead of crumbling. Imagine the amount of money these funds will bring to the needs; it will be like 1-2 QEs combined.

This market will trade at levels that seem dangerously insane even to the most ardent of bulls.  Pin this somewhere and look at it one day; you will have some great stories to tell your grandkids when you recall what the markets have done and what they are likely to do in the coming years.

The Goal of central bankers is to force, not coax,  the majority of savers to do something they never thought they would ever do; for a person that saves, the word speculate is a dirty word, but one day these savers will be forced to embrace this concept that is alien to them.  It’s hard to imagine that now, but when they do, central bankers will have proven that an individual’s perception can be altered at will by changing the observance angle.

Mind Control Techniques: Central Bankers Are The Biggest Crooks Around

At no point in history have the Top players utilised the principles of Mass psychology so aggressively against the masses as they have done since 2010.  They are looking to alter individual perceptions completely, and sadly, they are doing an incredible job. The more we look around, the more we see their techniques working.

Thus understand this, no matter what any country states, the end goal, for now, is to devalue the currency. Many nations have tried to resist; two big ones that come to mind are Russia and China, and they have all been punished for their transgressions; weaker countries have been obliterated. Nothing can stop a trend in motion. That is why those expecting Trump to pull a miracle are dreaming. If he wins (keyword is might), he might be able to slow things down, but the wheels of motion are already in play, and the point of “no return” was breached long ago.  

It’s not all gloom and doom; this mess will pave the way for something good In the future, but before that, chaos insists on having its day in the sun.  This does not mean you have to be part of the chaos, but it does mean that the majority will, which is already taking place. When over 62% of Americans don’t have $1000 in a savings account or above 30% would have difficulty coming up with an extra $400 to cover emergency expenses, you know that the outlook is far from rosy.

There Is A Silver Lining To This Story

Markets are no longer tied to real economic growth. Today cheap money powers the markets, and there is a plentiful supply of that for those who least need it; the rich and the powerful have access to endless lines of credit that they can tap and turn into even more significant sums.  However, the day is drawing closer, and they will allow the small guy to access some of these funds.

While corporations will have access to millions and billions, they are plans to make it easy for the average Joe to get loans from $50-$200K and possibly as high as $450K.  No bull market has ended without the crowd participating, and for the masses to jump in, you need to make them feel like they have money to spend.

If you examine the situation from this angle, you can see that many avenues are left for the Fed to Tap and push this market into super bubble territory.


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